Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla TicketsAdam Carolla is an extremely talented comedian that is not afraid to push the envelope when he appears on stage. Carolla has appeared regularly on numerous hit shows such as Crank Yankers, Loveline and he was one of the founders of "The Man Show" on Comedy Central. Carolla also has his own radio show where he is not afraid to question conventional wisdom on numerous subjects and he certainly would be willing to do this at one of his stand up shows. Adam Carolla is also acceptable to older audiences, given his numerous appearances on several Fox News programs.


Carolla is not afraid to offend people with his stand up act. He has been known to ask serious and yet uncomfortable questions about death in many of his routines. He also likes to talk about the lack of education in the country and how many different people say they oppose women's suffrage, without really knowing what women's suffrage is. Carolla was also willing to make California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom a little uncomfortable with the questions that Carolla asked Newsom when it came to race. Adam Carolla's act is not overtly political however and some people that may compare his act to that of Doug Stanhope's are not really giving you a full picture of the routine. Carolla is not afraid to say things that would seem to question feminist principles and in a way imply that he wishes life was simpler like it was back in the old days.

Thought Provoking

Adam Carolla's routine is thought provoking however. The fact that he tries to push people's buttons with some of his material should not make you classify him as dumb or non-observant. Consumers who listen to his radio show often get a lot of solid commentary from Adam Carolla as he interviews a large number of serious guests.

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