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Maybe you have seen a lot of different hypnotist acts. Many are straight laced and the hypnotist performs similar to a magician. He may provide a few stunts with suggestion and attempt to wow the audience with his knowledge. This does not happen with Anthony Cools in Las Vegas. He is there to entertain, and the "wow" factor is brought on my members of the audience such as you.

If you volunteer to be a part of this act, be prepared for a most unusual experience. However, you will be not be turned into a zombie or completely lose your will. Under hypnosis, people cannot be forced to do things like rob banks or commit terrible acts. Instead, you will get to experience the amazing powers of the human mind through the principle of suggestion.

Most people have no idea that they are under hypnosis. Of course they may realize it when they try to remember something as simple as where they are from. They also may suddenly forget the alphabet or how to properly count.

Whether you volunteer or not, most people find this act to be very entertaining. It is very difficult to describe his act, because there is no script or anything in particular planned. Once his subjects get up on stage, he decides what he wants to do with them. His responses are a direct result of what he sees from his volunteers. Maybe you will find yourself sitting in a waiting room, and instead of a doctor's office, you are there to audition for a porn movie. This is an example of some of the outrageous things that you may encounter with Anthony Cools.

In conclusion, Anthony Cools in Las Vegas is an unusual and highly entertaining hypnotism act. The language and subject matter is definitely of an adult nature. However, anything can and often does happen, as he operates with no script or plans.

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