Asher Roth

asher roth event ticketsAsher Roth is a rapper on the comeback with a new record deal and Asher Roth tickets continuing their sold out tour of the nation’s universities. The artist is preparing for the release of his third studio album and its use as a statement declaring him something more than a fad.

This is truly a momentous time in this young performer’s career. Roth is now signed with Def Jam and is finally being given the kind of backing a rapper needs to rise above the level of beloved featured artist. These guest appearances and mixtapes releases are standard in the development of new artist in hip hop. Asher Roth’s development includes becoming a favorite of B.O.B. and five mixtapes in four years. Neither list is as extensive as other rappers his age, but most rappers on this level do not have a platinum single to their credit.

Roth’s is “I Love College”. The track regales the audience with the story of crazy night on campus. There is partying, there are half-naked 18-year old girls, and even pizza available at a dollar a slice. The song became a huge hit and helped Asleep in the Bread Aisle breach the Top 10 on the Billboard 200. The album did not follow through in terms of sales, but as it was his first album this proved to be no major blow. The song mirrored the general tone of the album, which troubled major labels. To have a joke track or two is good, but hip hop and rap still needs its albums to have something of a rough edge or serious tone overall.

Asher has learned from this experience and a new album is going to be released soon. Roth has returned a more appropriate artist, one with a solid following and a record label suddenly willing to lend support. This bodes well for the artist, as more track like “Last Man Standing” are sure to follow and he already has a distinct advantage as a live performer thanks to his many years of experience with Asher Roth concert tickets.

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