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With a rough September for the Braves in 2014, they decided to make some organizational changes including the hiring of a new general manager, John Hart along with other moves aimed at success for 2016 and 2017. Julio Tehran, Alex Wood and newly acquired Shelby Miller atop the Braves pitching rotation should be their biggest strength this season. Their bullpen was somewhat overhauled which should see improvement with guys like Jason Grilli and Jim Johnson.

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Players no longer in a Braves uniform consist of OF Jason Heyward, OF Justin Upton, C/OF Evan Gattis, SP Ervin Santana and SP Aaron Harang, and the Braves will need guys to make an impact in 2015 to fill those gaps.  SS Andrelton Simmons, arguably the best defensemen in the MLB will need to pick it up offensively to fill in the power holes vacated by the men who left town. A healthy Mike Minor and Nick Markakis will certainly add to the mix and help this team succeed as well. The 2015 Braves are a mix of some young guns and veterans who have been down this road before. Atlanta baseball fans and Braves’ ticket holders will be there to support them as they battle in the NL East. 



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Atlanta Braves Tickets

The Atlanta Braves have played professional baseball in Boston as the Red Stockings and a host of other names and in Milwaukee as the Braves before arriving at its current host city. Oh, interesting fact, this is a franchise that has won a World Series in each of the cities it has played.

The Boston World Series came in 1914. Then they swept the Philadelphia Athletics with the aid of an MVP season from Johnny Evers. Not many Braves fans have ever heard of Evers, nor have they ever thought to research this team. They should though, as they won 94 games. After moving to Milwaukee, the Braves had Hank Aaron, Warren Spahn, and Lew Burdette. They managed to go to two straight World Series with these players, taking on the Yankees and winning in 1957 and losing in 1958.

Of course, contemporary Boston baseball fans follow the Red Sox and modern Milwaukee baseball fans cheer on the Brewers. It is only the fans in Atlanta that support the Braves. They have done so since 1966. For the majority of the team’s time in this city the Braves have struggled. Sure there were a few good seasons here and there, but a division title in 1969 and 1982 were not enough to satisfy these fans.

Instead, the Atlanta Braves fans had to wait until the 1990s to begin a postseason run that went on for 16 seasons. The club had David Justice, Terry Pendleton, and Fred McGriff in the batting order and Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine, and John Smoltz on the mound for the first half of this run. Players like Chipper Jones, Andrew Jones, and Mike Hampton were the stars of the latter half. Unfortunately, despite all these playoff appearances, the club would only win a single World Series, in 1995.

The Atlanta Braves major league baseball team is an outstanding team in baseball following their recorded success in their history. However in the 2012-2013 offseason they spent the time retooling their lost game that ended in 2012. In 2013 they acquired a new center fielder player B.J Upton, a third baseman following the retirement of Chipper Jones. Among the recently added is Carlos Perez, new pitchers Aaron, Lucas, left fielder Gattis. They have retired 11 members throughout their franchise history. They have also suspended players found to be using drugs. They made a good start in 2013 by emerging best in the National League East division, but 2013 did not turn out to be their year. They are solving this blow by preparing toughly for 2014. The Braves also vacated turner field following the expiration of the lease.


The Atlanta Braves major league baseball team is headed for the 2014 major league baseball season of which they are waiting in anticipation. Following their 

performances recently, the Braves probability to win is high. With the adequate training they have undergone, support from their loyal fans, coaches and staff, they do not have any chance to lose. Their manager Gonzalez and batting Coach Greg walker has prepared them adequately for the 2014 season coach. The team is good enough to win a world series.

The major weakness they suffer is players’ injuries where at some point many players suffer injuries at the same period. This is a major blow since the players are can only return to play when they have recovered. Some have to go to an extent of undergoing surgery. However their major strength is that they have professional players who are the major contribution to the team’s performance. They also have a strong group of management and adequate training facilities. Their current primary uniform is white and was introduced in 1987, an alternate red jersey and an alternate cream uniform. The team is good to go, it has recorded a fairly good record for the past decades and therefore you cannot lose trust in it.