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     This year’s annual Red Rocks event will be extended to three days instead of the usual two.  Hosting some of the most magical experiences will be special guest DJ Bassnectar in attendance to keep the party shaking, spinning and on fire with lights and sounds you may think you  have never hear or seen it is that amazing.  Every year people come from miles around to this event.   There is no age restrictions and no matter if you’re a seasoned regular or brand new to their community you will be welcomed as long as you come with an open heart and no expectations.  This non-stop frenzy of lights and music will enrich your very soul and shake the earth under you as you take in the whole live experience. 

     Bassnectar whose real name is Lorin Ashton is an American DJ and record producer who is known for his live performances, & light shows.  Growing up in a San Francisco Bay Area commune and has from day one identified with visual arts rather than music.  He was influenced greatly by bands like Metallica, Megadeth and Nirvana which are clearly integrated into many of his songs.   Finding his home in the raves during the mid-nineties this led to the confluence of heavy electronic style of music.   Lorin has described his own music as amorphous and ever-changing and that is directly reflected in the diverse sounds and variety of personalities his numerous albums, EPs, and podcasts.  You can find you Bassnectar tickets here. 

     Known for his live performances and light shows he started gaining fame at Burning man and began the project as an experiment of exploring the interplay between music and community.  Releasing his first album in 2001 and performing as Bassnectar for the first time in 2002, he has only grown in popularity and has collaborated with many artists and producers.  He tours across the US constantly and finished 4th place in the 2013 America’s Best DJ competition – conducted by DJ Times magazine and Pioneer DJ.  This show will keep you mesmerized and is recommended to be seen only live and in person so you can get the full affect.  Hurry and come out to see one of the best live light and musical shows 2015 has to offer!

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Bassnectar Tickets

Bassnectar is an essential listen for anyone interested or intrigued by the development of not just dub step, but the genre-bending journey on which all contemporary music is embarking. He began as a prodigy of groups like Metallica, Megadeth, and Nirvana but eventually embraced the ambient music movement. The result is a man who sells out Bassnectar tickets throughout the year, as he spends just about every night on the road playing a new club. These shows are typified by not only the music, but by the accompanying light show.

His latest album, Vava Voom and the ensuing 2012 tour schedule have entertained millions of fans with his combination of hip hop and what Lorin Ashton refers to as vocal booms. These booms are dropped around hypnotic bass lines that flirt with piano chords. The result is a full-length dubstep symphony that has throngs of club goers dancing to remixes of “Empathy”, “Ping Pong”, and “Butterfly”. There are many a dub step artist to embrace in 2012, so fans may be wondering just why they should continue to follow the musical musings of Bassnectar. Thus, he provides a sample of a cuckoo clock at odd moments in the arrangements.

Vava Voom is proof of the musical evolution touched on just a bit earlier. It is this evolution that has kept him interesting and relevant. Overall, he has released nine studio albums, all in the 21st century. It took a while for Ashton to get this far and become Bassnectar, a trek that took him through the 1990s. This explains the link between Lorin and the Grunge and hard rock movement, as well as his early association with the ambient movement. Now he is being requested to work with artists of all sorts, including hip hop artist Lupe Fiasco and British pop star Ellie Goulding. Bassnectar tickets may even feature some of these tracks, though the artists will not be in attendance. Instead, it will a glorious club show dominated by music with such powerful bass it shakes the club goers to the very core.

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