Being an American actress, Beyonce is a beautiful and an amazing singer who turns the stage. She was born in Houston Texas in September 1981. As a child she participated in various singing and dancing where she eventually developed her breathtaking voice. She used to perform in dancing competitions and rose to fame in the 1990 after achieving the lead singer of R&B girl group. This group became one of the bestselling girl group and was managed by her father


She released the album Dangerous in love in 2003. As a sole artist, Beyonce worn the Grammy Awards. She also featured the billboard number one singles. This included the crazy in love and the baby boy. Her second solo album the B’ day released by the year 2006. She also ventured into acting and joined golden, globe. She played the starring roles in the Pink partner  


Destiny child was made on 1996 where it hit the ground by releasing the track “killing time “. In the neat year the group released self- titled debut album. This is the album that established Beyonce and her group as a viable group in the music industry. In 1999, the group released their multi-platinum second album known as the writing on the wall. The group achieved the most successful song after the release of songs such as Bills, jump in, and say my name. The song say my name worn the best R&B performance by Duo group.  


Beyonce has achieved a lot both in her social life and in music career. Despite of breaking up with her boyfriend she still went on and worn Grammy awards despite of her stressed condition. She has an amazing voices which some critics refer to it as the Velvety. Beyonce's music is generally R&B. she has since then become an icon in the music world. She has a great legacy. 

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