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Big Head Todd and the Monster is a rock band founded in the year 1986 in Colorado. In history, this band has managed to release eight studio albums since the year 1989. It became famous throughout United States after releasing the album, Sister Sweetly, in 1993. This particular rock band has performed live in several places, especially Mountain States in the US.

The band is actually very active compared to other rock bands. Founders of this band are; Todd Park Mohr, Rob Squires, Brian Nevin and Jeremy Lawton. Mohr is actually a guitarist while Rob is a bassist. Jeremy plays the keyboard and Brian Nevin is a drum specialist.

The band is also much focused. Remember that it released the first album in 1989 and up to date the band is still alive. Mohr argues that they are constantly looking forward to what comes next. This means that they are not ready to give up regardless of the stiff competition in the music industry.

These partners started playing together while they were in high school. Starters were Mohr, Rob and Brian, who were schooling together. Jeremy Lawton joined this band in 2004. The success has actually come from cooperation among its founders.

Mohr states that their ability to do things on their own is what has brought about this success. He says that they would have disappeared long time if they failed to team up. Cooperation is actually the success in any partnership.

These partners spent 7 years trying to build a firm base in rock music. Some of the releases were; Another Mayberry (1989), Midnight Radio (1990), Beautiful World (1997), Riviera (2001), Crimes of Passion (2004) and many others. The album that stormed the world was Sister Sweetly, in 1993. Mohr argues that combination of musical personalities is what has enabled them to be partners of the Big Head Todd and the Monster.

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