Blink 182

Blink 182 Denver Concert Tickets

Blink-182 Denver Concert Tickets

There were a constant stress and anxiety between the members of the group about their touring and promotion. Moreover, they had a lot of differences about the places that the band should visit for the promotion of their upcoming albums. All of these created huge problems and caused them to go on an indefinite hiatus during the year 2005. But after Travis Barker involved in a plane crash, that was very serious, the group re-united and started all over again in 2008. They had the chance to start a new album, their sixth one, under the title 'neighborhoods'. Their new albums released in 2011 and topped in No.2 in the US charts. Moreover, the band had a number of infuences through their career in music from many musicians around the world. In fact, they inspired the second wave of punk and po music in the new millennium. This is one of the main and most important reasons that their music and sounds will certainly live on for many generations ahead.

Blink 182 Denver

So this is your chance to see your favourite group performing live in Denver. Don't miss the chance to sing with them in an amazing concert that will only take place for one evening in Denver at 7.00 pm.

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Formed in Poway in 1992, the famous rock band from America, Blink 182, has already announced its summer tour, which will take place in various cities in North America, in order to support their new album. The tour will open on July 22nd at the Viejas Arena (San Diego) and will close on October 1st at the Forum in Los Angeles. During their tour they will stop in other major cities like Houston, Boston and Denver. The band consist of Mark Hoppus, Matt Skiba and Travis Barker and their new album comes after 5 years from their previous one, which is known under the title 'Neighborhoods'.

One day after they released the single under the title 'Bored to Death', without the band's co-founder Tom DeLonge, the trio has announnced their extensive summer concert tour in North America. This tour would be their first one since 2012, featuring support by 'A day to Remember and 'All American Rejects'. In addition, this tour will follow the revamped new album of the band 'California', which is due out on July 1st with singer/guitarist Matt Skiba, whom will take the place of DeLonge.

Blink 182 Denver

The band will be performing in Denver on September 13th 2016 at the Pepsi Center with an amazing concert, that you definitely don't want to miss. You'll get the chance to hear some of their most well known songs, like 'All the small things', 'Dammit', 'I miss you', 'Feeling This' and many more. So, prepare yourself to sing and dance live with these amazing guys.

Their history of the band

According to Mark Hoppus (singer) and Barker Travis (drummer) , co-founder of the group DeLong quit the band in early days of 2015. But as he admitted, he didn't quit, but he is in fact still a member of this band, even though it is recording and even though the tour will take place without him this summer. The band was actually founded by Hoppus, De Longe and drummer Scott Raynor in the first years of 1990. It emerged from the punk scene of the Southern California and first gained a lot of fans, because of the amazing shows they gave, which were full of energy. Blink 182 was originally known just as 'Blink' until a band from Ireland with the same name took legal action, in order to keep its name. So, they decided to append the number 182 to it, that has no meaning. It its first years, Blink 182 made a number of tours around the world and soon they signed a contract with MCA Records, in order to co-distribute 'Dude Ranch', which was their second album and was released in the market in 1997.

The new Blink 182 album

Their new album under the name 'California' is scheduled to be released on July 1st, which is the number 192 day of 2016. California is their 7th album, that will be released by BMG. Their first single without Delonge is ;Bored to death' and features Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba, who has taken the place of Tom DeLonge. This album was announced on 27th of April 2016, when its lead single, under the title 'Bored to Death' also debuted. The famous band will support this album with their upcoming large tour in Norh America with 'A Day to Remember'. Remember. The album 'California' was a production of J. Feldmann and was recorde at his'Foxy Studios, in Woodland Hills, in California during the months January and March 2016. Back in 2011, they released their 6th studio album, under the title 'Neighborhoods', which was mainly recorded in different studios. Now, their new album has different music styles in it. In fact, as they admitted, they have been writing it the last 4 months and in fact they completed it in just 2 months, by writing around 30 songs. They actually loved a great deal all of the songs withing this album.

Biography of the band

The rock and pop ban Blink 182 is an American band that emerged in California, near San Diego in 1992. When the group was first formed, it was consisted of Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, Scott Raynor and Travis Barker. Over the years of their career, they managed to sell more than 35 million albums around the world. Blink 182 became known and gained a lot of followers in the first years of 1990 in the punk music scene of California, with their lively shows that the crowd adored. They released their debut album under the title Chesire Cat. It was not a very successsful album - at least commercially, it was considered to be an iconic punk album back then. Even though at the beginning their first album created a bidding war between the band and a number of mainstream labels, the band managed to sign a contract with MCA. In 1999, the band group Blink 182 released the album under the title 'Enema of the State' and quickly became very well known with great singles, like 'Adam’s Song', 'All the Small Things', which all of them received a regular air time on MTV channel. In addition, this album was eventually their most successful release until today and also went to number 9 on Billboard chart in the United States of America.