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Bonnie Raitt has been a well-known and highly accomplished asset within the music industry for several decades. Being known for her sultry, rich voice and American blues-styled singing and songwriting, she continues to inspire and draw in fans to this day. Even so, not everyone is aware of this legendary artist's history, much less how she came to her slow rise in fame.

This redheaded diva was born to the Broadway entertainer, John Raitt, along with his wife, Marjorie Haydock, who was a pianist. Thanks to the musical and talented influence of her parents, she began playing the guitar in her early life. This eventually led her onto bottleneck-style playing, which is something she tends to be well known for, even today.

During her later years at Radcliff College, where she began to study African Studies, the singer eventually ran into a 65-year-old blues promoter by the name of Dick Waterman. Over time, they eventually became fast friends, with Waterman's role in her life heavily influencing the singer's love for blues. She eventually followed Waterman and his fellow musician friends to Philadelphia, where her love for blues and folk music continued to flourish.

After a period of time, Raitt eventually took her talented skills of folk and blues-styled music to Boston. Here, she played with some of the blues industry's most talented performers. This generally included famous blues acts like Howlin' Wolf, Fred McDowell, along with many others whom she was introduced to through her long-time friend, Dick Waterman.

During the year 1970, she opened for Fred McDowell and caught the ear of a Newsweek reporter, who later spread word about her skill as a musician. She was later picked up by Warner Bros. And created her first album along with several others, until she finally landed on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine in 1975.

Bonnie Raitt finally saw commercial success during 1977, with her popular album known as Sweet Forgiveness. With the rise of her fame, she eventually began playing with many other music greats such as Van Morrison, Paul Simon, James Taylor and more. However, her true success came along with her numerous Platinum Award-winning albums, such as Nick of Time, Fundamental, Silver Lining and other various titles.

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