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Brian Regan has seen everything comedy has to offer. He came up while standup was more about one liners and every city seemed to be opening them on every street corner. Then, after this golden age, comedy needed to take some time in the gutters, re-emerging as an art built around story telling. Brian Regan tickets are actually an oddity in the new world of standup, in which descending into acerbic rants that become more and more absurd after every minute is the norm. Regan is a clean comic by choice and he has retained the lessons of the storytelling era, meaning he shines in the 30-minute formats.

As mentioned above, he is a clean comic. Regan never really was much of a dirty one. He may have poked fun at a few people and used a few swear words, but he has described his previous act as 95 percent clean. Now he has made the choice to go completely PG and even has gone so far as to avoid making fun of anyone. This has resulted in a man doing 80 shows a year and making a great living doing it.

This time around Brian Regan has the rest of the year scheduled along with the beginning of next year. So, from August 26, 2012 until February 17, 2013 Brian Regan comedy tickets will be on sale to see a man willing to play the clown without the makeup (or the internal anguish). When preparing for the upcoming tour, he takes a look at his life and his actions and converts them into jokes. This is a trial and error process that takes him to clubs to bomb in front of audiences who might be expecting constant hilarity if they have seen any of his YouTube clips or Comedy Central showcase.

In this instance, Regan is working material from the All By Myself album and whatever else he has found interesting over the last couple of years. The result is a terrific routine and a performer who leaves the stage sure he has done nothing short of make the world a little happier place.

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