Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars Concert Tickets

Bruno Mars Concert Tickets

Grammy-award winning singer and songwriter, Bruno Mars is coming to the Pepsi Center on October 30th. The multi-instrumentalist is known for hits such as: “The Lazy Song”, “Nothing on You”, “Just the Way You Are”, “Locked out of Heaven”, and “Uptown Funk”. This venue is an important event in Denver, mainly because Denver has not had a major concert in a few years now. The Pepsi Center, the arena of the Denver Nuggets, is said to be the the concert will take place. Born in the captial of Hawaii, Bruno Mars has catipulted from a humble beginning to a mega star in just a few years, but much hard work and determination.

This event marks a stopping point in Bruno Mar’s 2K Magic Tour, a tour that will kick off across the world in Belgium. Fans will surely get to see the magic at the Pepsi Center on October 30th, as the Super Bowl performer will once again put on a worthy show in front of thousands who will certainly get their money’s worth. For those who are in the mood for some great music, a nice atmosphere, and a chance to see Bruno Mars up close, now is your chance to buy tickets for this once in a lifetime event.

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Why The Pepsi Center

With a seating capacity of 20,000, and home of the Denver Nuggets and the Colorado Avalanche, the Pepsi Center will be the venue for this special event. Since the Pepsi Center does not recieve much concert offers from artists, this concert is a special one for the residents of Denver, especially with a entertainer of Bruno Mars’ caliber. Colorado is not a state known for music, or really anything except skiing and resorts. This explains Denver’s three year drought for major concerts, until now.

That is why this venue is important to the citizens of Denver who do not get to experience much entertainment outside of the norm. Look for the Pepsi Center to be filled to the brim on October 30th. Mind you, if you figure that this event is a special one for just Denver, then you are mistaken. Since its construction in 1997, the Pepsi Center has not gotten a lot of attention, especially from musical artists and other entertainment events. Not only is this event beneficial for the City of Denver, but this this even is important for the Pepsi Center. So kudos to the city in securing this wonderful event and Bruno Mars for planning it.

Why Now?

This event is a part of Bruno Mars’ highly anticipated 2K Magic Tour that begins on March 28th to November 11th. This tour is more like a celebration of Bruno Mars’ very successful album, and Grammy award winning song, “Uptown Funk”. Even though this tour will be taking place in major cities where his influence remains strong, Mars apparently chose Denver in order to share the love with some of his fans there. There is no other explanation, considering the low market attraction of Denver, and the availability and probably higher-paying venues in more popular cities. Nonetheless, Denver is a city that is beautiful in its own way.

With its voluminous mountain chains, diverse population, and serene resorts and getaways, Denver is a place that its citizens value. It may not be the most popular city in the Midwest, but Denver makes up for it by maintaining its geographical beauty. The landscape is remarkable, and it is unfair that this great city is ignored when major concerts are planned, and when music artists need a place to perform. That said, Denver definitely deserves this special event. This Bruno Mars concert has broken Denver’s drought, and there would be no other suitable place for Mars to perform.

How High Are The Stakes

For a fan base that has not had any major concerts in the last three years, expect this Bruno Mars concert to be the best concert that Denver has ever had, well since the Super Bowl of course. The Pepsi Center will be packed, and security will be tight for the over-zealous fans who try to bombard the stage to get a piece of Bruno Mars. If you plan to attend this concert, you may want to buy tickets fast because these Denver fans are eager. This concert is the oasis, and Bruno Mars’ fans are thirsty for the chance of a lifetime to actually see the Hawaiian superstar.

Expect this concert to be vibrant and a memorable experience for everyone who attends. Not only are great concerts good for the fans, but a great concert is much appreciated from the artist. If this concert is packed and blows the roof off of the building like many expect it to, Bruno Mars will definitely come back, as well as other artists who are eager to get down and experience the crazy fan base that includes Denver’s citizens. This concert should definitely give fans their money’s worth, and leave them talking about it for a long time.

Why You Should Attend

Since this concert is an aggregate of Bruno Mars’ 2K Magic Tour, you already can suspect that it is going to be a good one. With that said, bring a friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, or a spouse to this incredible event, but make sure you all stay together because the Pepsi center has over 20,000 seats. Bruno Mars is a top-tier musician, an entertainer on an elite echelon with other great musical artist such as: Beyonce, Jay-Z, Justin Timberlake, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry.

For those who have watched the last Super Bowl, remember Bruno Mars’ spectacular performance with Beyonce and Coldplay? Imagine what he can do on a stage by himself. For those who have already been to one of Bruno Mars’ concerts, you can testify that he is a great performer, and that his concerts are memorable and fun for all those attend. Basically, what we are bound to witness is a riveting show like never before and if there was ever a better time to take a glimpse of this rare performance, then that time is now. Needless to mention, if you plan to see Bruno Mars in Denver, be sure to purchase tickets right away because there are millions of other people who want to see Bruno Mars in Denver on October 30th. Iphone App    AllianceTickets Android App

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