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Cheap Trick is a timeless act, a power pop group whose influences extend from the 1980s and glam rock to the 1990s and alternative rock and in the 21st century when indie rock reigns supreme. They have survived the test of time and the three kids of Rockford, IL are continuing to play huge venues with throngs of rock fans of every age ready to join in and sing along with Robin Zander for the familiar choruses of “I Want You to Want Me” and “Dream Police”. Cheap tickets, in 2012, are concert tickets to see these legends from the 1970s join Aerosmith on the Global Warming Tour.

Aerosmith has been one Cheap Trick’s contemporaries since the 1970s, so this pairing seems quite natural. Both groups have been embraced by all forms of rock since the 1980s. Though, while Aerosmith has enjoyed more commercial hits and multiple comebacks, Cheap Trick has become critical favorite and a rock band’s rock band. Thus, these bands have taken drastically differently roads, but both have kept the spirit and memory of the groups alive in today’s eclectic rock scene.

Certainly bands like Cheap Trick have benefited by the power of nostalgia in the 21st century. Unlike many of the bands from the 1970s that have continued to perform, Cheap Trick is always going to sell out arenas, whether they are headlining or are performing as a supporting act. The group has occasionally released a new album, seemingly every three years or so. They have also been counted on quite often to provide music for soundtracks of blockbuster movies like Grown Ups and Transformers. Essentially, they have managed to stay busy and will continue to performer legendary live sets as every new generation of musician and hard core music fans discover the band that brought power pop to its platinum-certified maturation.

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