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Chris Rock Denver Tickets

Chris Rock Denver Tickets

Chris Rock’s name now became popular all over the world because of his great many-sided talent. He had performed as a stand-up comic, movie actor, recorded several albums. Also, he was taking part in different TV shows, which also brought a great popularity to him. He was recognized as top 5 in a list of the best comics by the version of the “Comedy Central” TV channel. Chris Rock’s performances now gather thousands of people. This all is because of his inexhaustible energy and charisma, incredible talent and hardworking.
Christopher Julius "Chris" Rock III was born 7th February 1965 in


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Andrews, South Carolina. His parents had no relation to a show-business – his mother, Rosalie was a teacher, and father, Julius, was a driver and a newspaper deliverer. Two of his younger brothers also related their lives with a scene, and the elder brother died after a long struggle with alcoholism. As Chris said himself, his grandfather Allan Rock, a preacher, made a great influence on his further style of performance.

Later on, his parents moved to New York, where Chris studied in the school located in the criminal area of the city. He says that there he was exposed to bullying from the side of his white-skinned schoolmates. So he decided to give up with a high school, but though got a General Education Diploma. He was working on unfussy jobs in fast-food places in Brooklyn before starting his real career.

Chris Rock. Career Start.

Chris started his stand-up experience in New York, at the “Catch a Rising Star”. He was taking some different small roles in cinema. His first movies were “Krush Groove”, “I'm GonnaGit You Sucka” and a few more roles in TV series. Then Eddy Murphy noticed his talent and guided Chris Rock to his role in “Beverly Hills Cop II”.
In 1990 Chris Rock was taking part in a comedy show “Saturday Night Live”, where together with Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider and David Spade they gained national recognition. 
Chris Rock recorded several comedy albums. First of them was “Born Suspect”, 1991. Also, this year Chris took a role of a crack addict in the “New Jack City” film.

After that, in 1992-1993 Chris left the “Saturday Night Live” show and then took part in different stand-up pieces. His second recorded album was “Bring the Pain”, and it was released in 1996. This album boosted Chris Rock’s popularity and brought him two Emmy Awards. 
Roles in Movies and Other Activities
That was a beginning for his rising on the national and a world level. He played supporting roles in several movies, and major roles in films like The Longest Yard, Bad Company, and Down to Earth. Chris participated not only in feature films but in documentaries (Good Hair, Credit Is the Devil). Also, he did his work behind a camera, as a writer and director, and also voice animator (“Madagascar” animation.) An experience as a V series producer brought him a nomination for a Golden Globe, People’s Choice Award, and two Emmy Awards.


Chris Rock was selected to host a 77th Academy Ceremony. It was done with the assumption that a ceremony will attract the younger audience. Though the rates of the event didn’t rise up as it was expected, and through all ceremony, Chris was razzing on the actors which took part in it, and also the ceremony itself. He was also joking about himself there, but still, his behavior left an unpleasant residue. 
Also, Chris Rock appeared in several music videos of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Madonna. He recorded several videos on pieces from his own albums. In 2011 Chris played on Broadway in “The Motherfucker with the Hat”. As he said later, he wanted people to see him in a real theatrical performance, because stand-up and comic roles can be underestimated.

For a long time, since 23 November of 1996, Chris was married to the Malaak Compton, a founder of a company, providing services for underprivileged women. In this marriage two daughters were born – Lola Simone in 2002 and Zahra Savannah in 2004.
Chris Rock’s Style
The subject of Rock’s texts mostly is family matters, romance, music, politics and a race relationship. Presumably, the last topics occur to be so often in his works because of his childhood, spent in the community of the almost-whole-white school. As he recalls, it was a decision of his parents, who wanted a better education for him. But, as he says, he got the even worse education in an intolerable environment. His jokes often relate to different races, and he satirizes on this topic without confines. Many of his tracks have a bad reputation, as he touches topics that are vulnerable for American society, especially “black and white” matters. It created a wave of disgruntled people, and negative comments from famous comics, journalists, and other public people. As he says in one of his interviews, he does not understand, why entertainers should as role models for society. So he went on with his own sharp, pithy and iron-fisted style. Still, he does it in a fun and light manner, so that his shows always gather a lot of people and he continues to gain new fans of his creativity. 
Still, it is worth to visit a Chris Rock’s live performance, as he charges audience with his positive attitude, pointed jokes and great charisma. 
Chris Rock Live Performances
He touches topics which are recognizable by most of the people. Chris Rock searches for the most engaging things to create an interest of every human from his audience, so even though his jokes may be too sharp sometimes, they always reflect an everyday life of a simple person. As he is always joking on himself too, it creates humorous atmosphere and does not abuse anyone.

But still, as every good comic, his performances touch the most important spheres of people’s lives. Sometimes it can be serious and engage people to think about questions Chris sets the stage. But after that, he makes a good joke of that, so you start to laugh on a problem that seemed to be serious for you. His stage appearances are always a celebration of good humor, positive mood, and simple joy. Are you down? Want to have fun with a problem that was bothering you for a long time? Just wish to get a splash of positive energy? That all are reasons to visit live Chris Rock’s performance.