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The Colorado Avalanche has had a remarkable 2013-2014 season. With the return of their former star-goalie, Patrick Roy, as head coach, the Avs started the season with a bang. The 2012-2013 season was less than stellar for the Colorado team. They finished 15th in the Western Conference and 29th in the league. The 2013-2014 couldn't have been more different. Roy's fiery temper and great motivational skills, as well as his aggressive and daring game play has made the young Avs a force to be reckoned with. They finished the 2013-2014 season on top of the Central Division and 2nd in the Western Conference. The loss in game seven of the first playoff round, against the Minnesota Wild, was heartbreaking for a team which had been dominant all season. Roy was awarded the Jack Adams for his success as a rookie coach. What can we expect for the 2014-2015 season?

Paul StasnyThe star of this year's post-season (10 points, 5 goals) will be testing the free-agent market this summer. The 28-year-old center is a key player for the team and would be a great loss. But Avs fans need not to despair, there's still hope. Stasny has promised the Colorado organization the right of first refusal. The team could then match any offer Stasny receives from another team. With seemingly still room on the salary cap, the team is expected to match any offers (now earning 6.6 million per year) might receive. We expect to see Stasny in an Avs jersey in 2014-2015, but if he were to leave, he would most likely be replaced by Ryan O'Reilly or Nathan McKinnon as first center.

Pepsi CenterNathan McKinnonAfter a lackluster season in 2012-2013, the Colorado Avalanche got the first choice overall in the 2013 draft. They chose Nathan McKinnon, a brilliant young center. McKinnon comes from Cole Harbour, same as Sydney Crosby. There's definitely something in the water in Cole Harbour because McKinnon has been phenomenal in his rookie year in the NHL. He closed the regular season with 24 goals and 63 points (35th in the league) and the playoffs with 10 points and 2 goals. This has earned him the Calder Trophy, awarded to the best rookie in the league. With such a great first season in the NHL, we can only guess what McKinnon will do in 2014-2015. He is off to a great start and fits well with the team's play style and rooster.

Defensive needsAlthough the team has a brilliant offense and a top-tier goalie, it is in need of a good defense man to bulk up its defensive line. Some have suggested that trading Ryan O'Reilly (Lady Byng trophy winner in 2014) for an established defense man, in the line of Eklbad, Larsson, McDonag or Vlasic. The Avs could also have to add their 23rd 2014 draft pick to sweeten the deal.
We can expect an existing 2014-2015 from the Colorado Avalanche. With Roy as head coach and a young and talented roster, the team has a promising future. Don't miss out the pre-season game and the first game of the season, because the Avs will face of the Minnesota Wild which is sure to give us some amazing, inspired hockey.

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Pepsi Center

This multi-purpose arena hosts events for NHL , (The National Hockey League), NBA (National Basketball Association), the NLL (National Lacross League) and they used to host events up until 2008 for the AFL when Colorado Crush played out of this venue.  The Democratic Convention was held here in 2008 and the MWC Conference Tournament was held here during the years of 2004-2006.

The Pepsi Center was part of a large construction project that included Coors Field, Colorado Rockies and Sports Authority Field in Mile High Stadium they were all part of the same six-year sporting venue upgrade in Denver.  Construction completed in October of 1999 and was marked with a Celine Dion concert. 

This arena houses a basketball practice facility used by the Denver Nuggets who by the way were part of a large controversy when Owner Stan Kroenke double booked the arena for a date during the playoff season in 2009 A verbal agreement to book Game 4 of the NBA Western Conference Finals between Denver Nuggets and the Las Angeles Lakers on this same date of May 25, 2009. WWE Raw had an event scheduled with a written contract, but were told that a playoff game that only had a verbal contract would take precedence over their event.  Which sparked quite the war if anyone knows the antics of the WWE chairman Vince McMahon who is known for being loud and extreme.  When given the chance to pay tribute for the loss this caused his entertainment business he parlayed it into a main event at Staples Center where the face team was wearing Lakers Jersey’s and the heel team was wearing nuggets jerseys in a 10-man tag team match.  After an absence of just over three years on July 9, 2012 Monday Night Raw was invited to return to the Pepsi Center.


Colorado Avalanche History

Playing out of the Pepsi Center in Denver Colorado the professional Hockey team The Colorado Avalanche are members of the NHL (National Hockey League). The team is managed by Joe Sakic and is currently coached by Patrick Roy.  Owner Darcey Kuemper along with Stan Kroenke, chairman, oversee the goings on of the only team in their division not in the Central Time Zone.  They are instead located in the Mountain Time Zone and their team is playing in the hopes of winning the oldest profession sports trophy in North America.  The Stanley Cup.

The NHL (National Hockey League) was organized on November 26, 1917, in Montreal Quebec, Canada.  And one bit of info very few know is the nation referred to in National Hockey League is Canada, because the first four teams were all based in Canada and through a series of expansions, contracts and relocations the NHL is comprised of thirty active franchises.

The Avalanche didn’t get roots going in the NHL until after their “95 season where prior to this they were founded as the Nordiques within the NHL leagues rival the World Hockey Association.  When the two merged is when the Nordiques were sold to COMSAT Entertainment Group in Denver and they relocated to Colorado where in their first season they won the Pacific division going on to sweep the Florida Panthers for the Stanley Cup that same year. Fans and even some critics were taken by surprise with their skill and fell in love with them and have been ever sense.  Winning the championship in their first season of moving the Avalanche became the first team to win the Stanley Cup a year after relocation. The Avalanche have won two Stanley Cups, Nine Division titles the first being their first 8 in a row when they relocated to Denver.