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The party is going to end soon. The dark comedic force hosting Tosh.0 and the well-traveled stand up known as Daniel Tosh has put an expiration on his career. The moment he turns 38 he plans to leave the realm of comedy and start a life he hopes not to be able to describe as a Bill Murray movie (Ground Hog Day, not Caddyshack. Tosh’s early retirement plans means tuning in to watch every episode of his America’s Funniest Video show on crack is somehow more meaningful than simply watching television. It also means everyone who loves to laugh should take advantage of the opportunity to buy Daniel Tosh tickets for his actual stand-up act, which is somehow darker and more twisted than the Internet has to offer.

Being a comedian driven by perverse observation, Tosh has a penchant for attracting a certain amount of negative media attention. His most recent clash came in July when he reportedly was laying into an audience member and asked if a particular gruesome act five times over would be funny. Sometimes thoughts and questions are best left unsaid, but then Daniel Tosh might not have a career if he had any tact.

This is not a guy without a heart either. Tosh performed a set to help raise money for the family of Greg Giraldo after his untimely demise and for those Alabama citizens in need of disaster relief. He may be an equal opportunity comedian doing his best to insult every race, every creed, every sex, and every other classification of human beings imaginable. But he is also a guy who knows that what is being said on stage is purely meant to entertain, and he is one who empathizes with the suffering of others.

So, until he retires, it would be wise to take advantage of those show dates on the Tosh Tour Twenty Twelve and for what will likely be entitled the Tosh Tour Twenty Thirteen. It is also advisable to enjoy his musings as a host and voyeur on Comedy Central. The day of May 29, 2013 is quickly approaching and there are only so many Tosh Tickets and Tosh.0 shows scheduled to be taped.

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