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Dave Chappelle TicketsDave Chappelle is popular for his comic show, Chappelles's Show. This show run for two years and earned Dave the title of 'the comic genius in America'. The show was also his last work as he retired from being a comedian as the show came to an end. In addition, Dave had been involved in several other pieces of work. As an actor, he had appeared in the films Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Con Air, The Nutty Professor as well as Blue Streak.

As a writer, he participated in the writing of the film Half Baked. As a producer, Dave both produced and starred in the documentary that was referred by the name 'Dave Chappelle's block party'. This documentary included appearances of many famous musical artists such as Kanye West, Jill Scott, The Fugees and Erykah Badu among others.

Apart from performing, producing and writing films, Dave is also known for making impromptu appearances at several concerts. For instance, he appeared at HBO's Def Poetry despite not having an invitation. During this surprise appearance, he entertained the guests with two poems.As a stand up comedy, Dave has set a couple of endurance records. At first, he beat Dane Cook's record, which stood at a duration of three hours and fifty minutes. Within the same year, Dave Chappelle broke the record he had set earlier by entertaining his guest for a period of six hours and twelve minutes. However, Cook broke this record a year later by performing for a continuous duration of seven hours. Unfortunately, when Chappelle tried to reclaim his record, he failed because he left the stage momentarily after five hours of comic.

Apart from entertaining, Chappelles's work has been part of scholarly work of other people. For instance, a doctoral student at University of Maryland edited critical essays in the book called The Comedy of Dave Chappelle.

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