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Dennis Miller is best known for his one of two things in the 21st century, his political views or his illustriously brief time on Monday Night football. Those who have been following him for some time know that at his heart he is a comedian. So, despite now making most of his money with a segment on Billy O’Reilly’s Fox News program and with a three-hour radio show, he still manages to make it out to Las Vegas a weekend a month to play the stage at the Showroom at the Orleans Hotel. He also has Dennis Miller tickets to see a tour with Bill O’Reilly known as the Bolder and Fresher Tour.

The Fresher and Bolder Tour is going be extremely popular as these are two brash personalities with very outspoken conservative views and this is election season, a time bringing out the red or blue side in just about everyone (with so many campaign commercials it is difficult to ignore). However, it is not necessary to be a conservative to enjoy his humor. Just skip the political tour and just take a seat to enjoy his stand up material.

This remains as based on observation as his rants that used to play every Saturday night as part as the Weekend Update anchor back in the late 1980s. He still rants and raves with an acerbic wit, with a particular penchant for elevated language. These stream-of-conscious monologues require a certain degree of education and a certain appreciation for language.

Miller will be adding a few stand-up comedy dates outside of the Strip as well, so check his schedule and see just when Miller Time is coming within driving distance and enjoy as the man rips apart society and its idiocy before your very eyes. This is going to be one heck of a show given the times, so you can be sure if you have a gripe chances are Dennis Miller tickets are an opportunity to hear your particular gripe vocalized quite fervently.

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