Desert Trip Festival

Desert Trip Festival Concert TicketsDesert Trip Festival Concert Tickets

Fun times are here once again and The Desert Trip Festival, true to form, promises you memorable times. You must book your ticket to ride on this wave of relaxing travel and enjoyable music from award winning celebrities. With all the juicy details in this guide, there is no doubt you will hang out with the great crew presenting the festival on the weekends of Oct. 7-9 and Oct 14-16 for the 2016 Desert Trip fiesta.

Faces and voices on The Desert Trip Festival

The Desert Trip Festival managers, Goldenvoice, have a comprehensive line up schedule for all their venues on each show date. The shows go down in Indio Empire Polo Club grounds. Every scheduled show must take place no matter what. The line-up features all-time greats like the amazing Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Roger Waters, Bob Dylan and his band, The Who and Neil Young. They will play on both weekends.

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The itinerary for The Desert Trip Festival

Oldchella, as the media has dubbed the show, has projections tipping it to gross close to $100 million from both weekends of staging. With such figures in the mix, the accommodation and travel packages are above par. There is an array of approved transportation from authorized taxi franchises as well as listed shuttle services and recommended regional and international flights to get you to and from Indio.

Who makes the big bucks from The Desert Trip Festival?

With AEG’s Goldenvoice at the helm of the festival, the company expects to make money from the tickets and passes sales. Paying the stars could take a chunk from the collections. However, the agency will pocket much from associated franchises, broadcasting rights, merchandise and sponsorships. Goldenvoice will still have to cater for staging, staffing and equipment costs, but that still leaves hefty profits. Goldenvoice plans to build a mini stadium and expects to have no supporting acts for the stars.

Celebrity studded event 

Only the six rock celebrities will take to stage. The tickets will be categorised into a single three-day pass, passes for single days and a variety of reserved seating package passes. The organizers expect at least 75,000 people to attend daily. You will purchase a wristband pass to access the venue. The pass fee does not include accommodation and food expenses. To get close to touching distance with the rockers, you will need pit area tickets, which will get you a spot in front of the stage.

Culinary show riding on Desert Festival

While the Desert Trip Festival is all about music from the titan artistes, it will similarly highlight culinary exploits of legends in the food and drinks industry. The menus from about 40 restaurants will feature about 50 chefs with heavyweights like Steven Fretz, Scott Conant, Dominique Ansel, Dakota Weiss and Daniel Humm. You can hit them up on their full-service food stands at the venue. Greg Koch of Stone Brewing promises to make all your beer-drinking dreams come true. Mixologists and wine makers will grace the occasions to give you unmatched culinary experiences.

Indio’s tourist industry and the Desert Trip Festival

Although this is dubbed a desert trip, local hotels and resorts have a reason to thank the organizers of the shows as they smile all the way to the bank. Demand for accommodation has doubled while prices continue to soar. For this, hotels anticipate making a killing from the visitors. This Coachella for old folks will draw in the masses for this community.

Where to stay during the Desert Trip

Seemingly, expectations lean on this event being a family or elderly people acts. The profiling raises questions on how to safeguard their welfare without putting the audience at risk. For life supporting supplies such as medication, the organizers allow you to bring whatever you need but in well-labelled containers. Such include medicine, eye drops and insulin injections. The baby boomers angle, involves a class of audience not considered by many event producers and Goldenvoice expects to make a hit with this untapped audience.

Getting your cut from the event

As Desert Trip Festival unfolds, you should consider tapping into your entrepreneurial talent to get yourself a piece of the actions. As everyone sits under the sweltering sun waiting for a favorite number from the legends, you could enquire on moneymaking ventures. Photography stalls and food booths come highly rated as profitable options to consider during the event.

Alcohol in the festival

Any underage drinkers will face ejection from the stadium and if disorderly, law enforcement officers will be at hand to handle such matters. You need a special 21-years-and-over wristband using your ID for proof of age. Furthermore, improper conduct and abuse of alcohol by minors will cause liability for prosecution. This event should be a safe and comfortable experience for all the expected attendees of all ages. 

Surviving Desert Trip Concert

If you wish to pitch a tent at the event, consult and book in advance to get clearance. You could consider putting up in the surrounding hotels on the deserts such a La Quinta Resort and Club and Ace Hotel. Remember too that with the staggering demand for the tickets, they should sell out within an hour of being in the market. To avoid disappointment, pick your best dates of the concert and make your reservations on time through a reputable ticket seller.

Try being punctual

Just to avoid disappointment, get there as early as you can to avoid being stuck in the traffic under California’s desert sun. Maybe you can camp if you get there a day earlier. Remember too that the sun and heat will take its toll on you. Take adequate refreshment and feed well before and during the trip.

Having hosted the very successful Coachella fest, Goldenvoice has what it takes to make this a resounding success. You will want to receive updates on any matters on Desert Trip Festival so take time to sign up for updates at the official Desert Trip site or through downloaded apps of reliable entertainment news sources. As the days close in, your date with the veteran rockers draws closer. Make your plans in time for the concerts.