Disney On Ice: Frozen

Disney On Ice Frozen Tickets

Disney On Ice: Frozen Tickets

The Disney on Ice series takes the well known and loved Disney characters and movies and made a rendition on ice. The previous shows in the other cities have done exceptionally well so the promoters have brought it to Denver. The venue is capable of seating over twenty two thousand patrons for this type of special event. The Pepsi Centre is a venue for many sporting, entertainment and many other class of events annually.

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The Disney on Ice show is held at the Pepsi Centre in Denver Colorado and it tells the story of Frozen. The show offers patrons a night of fun and excitement with the Disney characters and the heartwarming tale about two sisters and the strength of true love. The two royal sisters Anna and Elsa, Kristof and Sven embark on an epic journey only to find the most powerful magic that ever was is love. The show is jam packed with dazzling special effects that will stun and amaze patron that are going, looking for excitement. The skating along with the songs will inspire the crowd and by the end of the show you all will be singing and dancing with the cast members. This live skating show is a joyful event for all the members of the family.

The show is hosted by Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. There are some special appearances by other famous and beloved Disney characters. Some of the characters include those from Toy Story a Disney and Pixar production, Finding Nemo and the Lion King one of Disney’s biggest animated film. The famous Disney princesses will be in attendance as well. Enjoy a night with Cinderella, Jasmin, Snow White, Ariel and sleeping beauty. The show ran from December third to December sixth. This is a spectacle that will be fun for everyone with Mickey and Minnie guiding you through the magical kingdoms. The night will dazzle and draw to life with the skating, special effect, everybody’s favorite Disney characters.


The cast of the show includes Becky Bereswill. She will play the part of Elsa. The part of Elsa’s sister Anna was made for Taylor firth. This is directed by Patty Vincent with Cindy Stuart and Ben Agosto working as choreographer. The show is produced by Jenifer Lee and Chris Buck.

This is the best time to offer this type of event. The charismas season often do. The show may be schedule for the early parts of December but the Christmas season start for most people immediately after the thanksgiving dinner. The Disney on ice shows has been big success in other parts of the country and has been a major hit with the kids especially. They get to come out and see their favorite Disney character in the flesh. The stories are also modified and shorten to accommodate the type and style of the show.

The great thing about the Disney on Ice in Denver shows is that it doesn’t only offer the characters of one Disney program but it also features many other famous Disney characters. You child may not have a favorite Frozen character but they may have a lot of love for Mickey Mouse. They will still get a chance to see their favorite Disney character and enjoy the show although it is not a Mickey Mouse show.

The venue the show will be held in is a venue that is famous for hosting big events such as this one. The venue has over a thousand staff members that will ensure the event gets off without any kind of itch.


The producers of this event have transformed the venue into a genuine winter wonderland. When patron enter the venue their minds will be blown as they gasp at the designing team’s work of art hat is the venue. They have design Elsa’s palace by creating a ceiling high visual complemented by shimmering ice crystal and a staircase to elevate Elsa in the sky above the ice floor. There are many special effects all through the show including snow, flurries, blizzards, sparkles, glitter and magic.


The Disney on ice in Denver is a great show for all families the live in and around Denver. The show will open for a week and promises to be fun for the entire family. With the end of the Thanksgiving season and the start of the Christmas season, this is the right time to start bringing the family together. This is the perfect time to start sharing the holiday spirit. The Disney show will help to spread that Christmas spirit and there is no better mouse to help with that other than the host of the show Mickey Mouse. The show leaves Denver after the final day which is the sixth of December so all who has not seen it yet, if you plan to do so, do it now and bring the entire family. This show is a lot more enjoyable when you are enjoying it with your friends and family. This sow is suitable for all family member and all who love to have a good time. This is a show the entire family is to see and they should see it together.

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