Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding Concert TicketsEllie Goulding is just but the stage name. Meet the real Elena Jane Goulding who carries that attributes of a song writer cum singer and a multi-instrumentalist with a high piercing voice that makes her outstanding. She was born in 1986 and raised in Lyonshall. She currently lives in London from where she pursues her singing career.

You will not get astounded to know that Ellie Goulding started playing the clarinet at the age of nine. This is because she is simply a real talent from seen from her performances.

She later learnt to play the guitar and all through since her high school she has been a winner. She started by winning in a play Wizard of Oz, a school production held by Lady Hawkin’s where she was schooling by then. After she became a song writer in the age of fifteen, she won in a singing competition while at college. 

This will get you to want to know more about this young and charming woman who has taken Britain and the rest of the world a storm with her captivating hits such as lights which still appears in the Billboard hot 100 without disappointing even after 35 weeks and is still going strong.

Just a year after her career kicked off in 2009, Ellie won the BBC sound of 2010 and the critics’ choice awards. Other achievements of Ellie are such as the contribution of a sound track to Twilight Saga part 2 of Breaking Dawn, and the news that she will be featuring and supporting Bruno Mars in his selected dates Moonshine tour of the world.

Her career is graced by two albums Lights and Halcyon and she is still coming up fast. She is thought to be influenced by some renown names such as Kanye West and Bjork. Her single “lights” is thought infectious mainly because of its well blended folky heart with its pop nature.

After you have heard one of Ellie’s Goulding tracks, then you can distinguish between wanna be musicians from those with a carefully tuned voice and the skill of the instruments like she has.

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