Fun. Concert TicketsFormed in New York City by Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost, and Jack Antonoff, Fun has been melding pop rock with indie rock since 2008. Back then, long before Fun tickets became available, the three musicians had just decided to perform together. Ruess had just come off his latest project, The Format, and contacted two guys he had met while on tour with his former band.

Though they claim to have come from the big NYC, they went to work crafting their sound across the river in New Jersey. Six months later Fun had recorded a demo and used some press they enjoyed from Spin to launch their career.

The first album in the discography was Aim and Ignite. Despite the favorable press and some decent chart positions, this would not be a big hit. Still, it landed them a chance to work on their live performance, as they went on a tour of North America with Jack Mannequin. The group adapted theatrics like Panic at the Disco. Another go around with Paramore and Fun finally had the experience together to return to the recording studio and record a hit.

That hit would be Some Nights. The album went platinum and landed at number three on the Billboard 200. In addition, three of the singles went platinum. “We Are Young” went number one and quintuple platinum. “Some Nights” followed with a number three position on the main singles chart and quadruple-platinum. “Carry On” went platinum, even though it only landed at number 20.

These songs had not only done well on the charts and in terms of sales. The band had permeated popular culture. “We Are Young” was played during the Pac-12 football championship game and the promo for a Wrestlemania showdown between the Rock and John Cena. “Some Nights” became the anthem for the University of Alabama’s national championship video. In addition, the group won Best New Artist and the Song of the Year at the 2013 Grammy Awards. The future appears bright, but at the very least it should be fun.

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