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If 2016 has been a year of frowns and downsides, 2017 is beckoning with a heavy dose of laughter from one of America's most distinguished stand up comedians, Gabriel Iglesias. Known fondly as Fluffy, the distinguished comedian will be traversing across America and the Atlantic with his new brand of jokes sculpted from an exceptionally gifted mind.

We love to think of Fluffy as a uniquely gifted comedian who makes fatness both funny and normal. This time round, Fluffy is sure to stir up crowds of fans with a revised curriculum of jokes that cut across the vast scope of America's social terrain. The show could not have come at better time than when the country is trying to heal from the political divisions of 2016.

According to the announcement, the show will kick off in style on February 2nd 2017 in Dallas and stretch all the way to October 6, 2017 in Spabanken Skane Area, Lund. In total, the comedian is scheduled to make 53 comedy shows from the first day to the last day. There is no doubt that Fluffy has the stamina and the passion to last through. 

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Gabriel Iglesias Denver Tour Schedule.

Courtesy of the schedule, Fluffy's Denver tour is slated for April 21, 2017. The hilarious action will be at the Pepsi Center. There is no doubt that throngs of fans are bracing for the occasion, which will come hot on the heels of Easter festivities. Celebrity watchers are already predicting that this will be another sold-out show for Fluffy. 

Although it is not exactly clear what people should expect, one truth that the Denver fans are sure of is that Fluffy never disappoints. Traditionally, Denver is known for its high affinity for fun and comedy, which makes Fluffy's tour a fitting icing on the April cake. Crowds must be thirsty by now for an up-close chance with the comedy legend. 

The sweeping feeling among the fans here is that a single show is wholly insufficient for a place like Denver where the comedian enjoys a nearly unparalleled fan base, judging by the popular sentiments and the grapevine. Other places such as Las Vegas will benefit from more than one appearance according to the schedule.

Why Fluffy's Star Will Shine Brighter in This Tour.

In this tour, Fluffy will be marking two decades since he made his mark as a promising comedian. His epic journey onto the summit of comedy stardom began on a rough and bumpy road that entailed great sacrifices. For the sake of comedy, he sacrificed his job, lost his house and car, but maintained a stoic resilience. 

His mother could not stand the idea of him leaving a stable job to leap into the uncertain world of comedy. He is now 40 and highly reputed as one of the most successful and highly innovative comedians in America and the world. The open secret to his success is the ability to turn mundane realities into mirth. 

Take for example his approach to the overweight challenge in the wider American society. Fitness enthusiasts consider the overweight problem as a pariah issue. On the other hand, Iglesias picks up the looking glass of humor and sees volumes of jokes that leaves his fans in stitches whenever he meets them like he is about to during the tour.

Iglesias' Robust Presence on the Comedy Stage.

Truly, comedy is one of the most challenging arts in the entertainment industry. However, Iglesias' world tour confirms that he has more than a few good strategies of staying buoyant in this field. His fans love him because of his malleable personality that allows him to bend in all the directions of their preferences. 

Very few people in comedy today can match his zeal, earnestness, and outstanding insights. The winning formula on his part is the ability to stay relevant and moderate his act in ways that blend with popular preferences. In fact, it is fair to conclude the Iglesias is incapable of saying a boring word. There is a lot to love about his style.

His rare skill of voicing characters in films and stage performances reveals him as a very versatile individual. The star who once worked a cell phone firm in Los Angeles is still raring to go. He draws his inspiration from celebrities who have drawn the contours of American comedy including Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, Paul Rodriguez, and Robin Williams.

Battling Weight Issues On Stage and Off-Stage.

While on stage Iglesias makes fun of his own weight and that of others. At some point, his weight reached an amazing 445 pounds. That was the point when a diagnosis revealed that he had Type II Diabetes. According to him, that proved to be the turning point because the doctor told him that he would not live beyond two years. 

The doctors macabre prediction forced him to embark on a rigorous training schedule and a healthy eating plan that saw him shed more than 100 pounds in a very short time. His story is one that inspires millions of Americans who suffer from weight loss issues. Fans expect that the celebrity will harp onto his trademark jokes that are as inspiring as they are funny. 

A good measure of his celebrity status derives from the fact that he wears many hats. The tight throng of fans at Pepsi Center in Denver will be meeting a great American who has deployed the full range of his skills, knowledge, and energy to the growth of the entertainment word. He is also an acclaimed actor and film star.

Fluffy's Unique Style.

Gabriel Iglesias Denver tour will be another opportunity for him to showcase his unique style. The main ingredients of his comedy include story telling, sound effects, and affected voices. Of course, the crowds will be waiting for the notorious Hot & Fluffy shows, which are exceptionally original and incredibly funny.

Although, Iglesias acknowledges the positive influence that he received from his mentors, he does not copy paste their style onto his comedy stage. He has a strong bias for authenticity as he does not wish to be somebody's close. In many ways, the 2017 Fluffy world tour will put on full display the boldest colors of his creative mind. Iphone App    AllianceTickets Android App

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