Gary Allan


Gary Allan Concert Tickets

Gary Allan Concert Tickets

Gary Allan (not Allen) is out on tour in support of his ninth studio album, Set You Free. The album has been out since January 2013 and it made a huge impact with the platinum single “Every Storm (Runs Out of Rain)”. This supremely popular radio song, a rarity for the much more traditional country artists, helped take the album to number one on both the Billboard country album charts and the Billboard 200. This interest has proven invigorating to the artist, who has made Gary Allan tickets available for a summer schedule.

The singer-songwriter will share the stage with a variety of artists this July, August, and September, including five dates with Sheryl Crow. In addition, Allan will play a couple shows with Randy Houser, a one-time deal with Alan Jackson, a concert with Thompson Square, another with Florida Georgia Line, and Sunday in The Country show with a couple of artists. The man seems intent on playing with anyone who is willing to celebrate the kind of country he truly enjoys.


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Gary Allan is the man who is making sure that raspy, understated country sound of the past is represented in country music now that pop country has taken over. He grew up in a family that celebrated this sound in La Mirada, California, thanks in large part to his mother. She made sure the guitars were always out and this certainly influenced Gary Allan Herzberg (his given name). It did not take long before Gary Allen tickets were available.

By the time he was in high school he was playing in hony tonk bars. He decided then he wanted to be a professional musician, and the attention he received from record labels certainly helped him believe in this dream. But, they wanted him to play far less honky tonk and more pop country stuff while his parents at least wanted him to finish high school. He ended up graduating and waiting for the record deal to present itself that felt right.

Gary Allan finally started down this path in the early 1990s. He always seemed to be on the radar, but he finally found some record representatives he felt he could trust when he met Byron Hill and Jim Seal (a songwriter and a talent-scout who would become a record executive). That and a chance meeting with a wealthy couple willing to fund his independent work took him to the recording studio and, ultimately, Nashville. There he signed to Decca Nashville.

Under this label he released Used Heart for Sale and It Would Be You in 1995 and 1998. The albums had admirable performances on the charts and his 1995 debut went gold. Platinum status and Top 10 chart status did not come until he moved to MCA Nashville, Decca’s parent company.

This first major hit was Smoke Rings in the Dark. This 1999 album went platinum and reached number nine. Overall, Gary Allan has released seven albums with the support of MCA. Most of his fans favorite songs have not been huge radio hits, as his true sound is not meant for pop country. Still, he has managed to record a few hits, like “Best I Ever Had”, “Watching Airplanes”, and “Every Storm”.  Gary Allan remains popular in concert too, as this is the medium in which he truly shines. Iphone App    AllianceTickets Android App

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