Gordon Lightfoot

Gordon Lightfoot Concert TicketsEven if you call it old folk music or the realm of adult contemporary, the Gordon Lightfoot music can never be perceived as awkward. With powerful reminiscent lyrics, light arrangements and Gordon’s deep, simple vocals have always combined to make him one of the top writers and a performer of songs in the Middle Ages for more than three decades.

Although for the last two decades, Gordon Lightfoot has not had any chart-topping hit; his ever intimate and romantic music seems never to go out of fashion and style. The song that he one of the most successful one back in 1970’s called 'if you could read my mind’ has since that been covered by a number of great artists such as Super Barbra Streisand, in various styles from pop to country.

In year 1998, there is a trio who also wanted to record the same song in a disco-zed manner, but Gordon was not surprised by the request since that is not the first time someone wanted to back the Lightfoot’s poetic lyrics with a pounding disco beat. Eventually the song was finally recorded by Amber, UltraNate and Jocelyn Enriquez for a firm’s soundtrack. When Lightfoot was interviewed on telephone to give his thoughts about the song on a film’s sound track, he said, he knew it will be perfect because there is still a lady who had done a sound track that sounded very great too, 22 years ago in Europe. He continued to say, that the girls have done an excellent job too.

Gordon Lightfoot just turned 60 in November last year, and early this year he has been touring around so that he can fully market and promote his very recent CD called, 'A Painter Passing Through. He just finished his contract with Warner Bros, after recording 14 albums with them.

While touring, he has decided to be performing 5 songs in each concert, all from the new album he is promoting, while mixing in the great standards that have helped him be recognized in his career’ they include, The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Read My Mind and Sundown. Although he admits at his age, it is not easy to keep his extensive repertoire to a time frame of 2 hours and 15 minutes nonstop onstage.

In an interview back stage, he said he isn’t writing much these days; but stays back at home with his family. He is happy that he is still alive, old enough but still able to sing and perform. And that he is still proud of his great voice.

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