Heart Concert Tickets

Heart is the co-ed band that has weathered internal romances, the shifting musical landscape, and even a war to become a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Though the band’s most prominent members are the sister singing act, the group existed several years prior as The Army, White Heart, and Hocus Pocus. Then, long before Heart tickets were first introduced, bassist Steve Fossen, guitarist Roger Fisher, lead singer Don Wilhelm, and drummer Ray Schaefer were the first version of this every changing project in 1967.


The band did not go co-ed until 1970, when Ann Wilson joined. Then they were known as Hocus Pocus. Sister Nancy attended one of these shows and fell hard for Roger’s brother Mike. However, and this is where the band truly earned the name Heart. Mike had been drafted into the Vietnam conflict and fled to Canada (they were based in Seattle, so it was not difficult). Nancy followed and soon Fossen, Ann, and Roger arrived. With everyone there in Vancouver, the band became Heart.


One of the first bands that had gone electric to introduce women as band members, it was only a matter of time before the group hit it big. The single “Magic Man” hit the airwaves and garnered plenty of radio play, bringing the debut album Dreamboat Annie top ten status on the charts and platinum status in both their former home, the United States, and their adopted home, Canada. “Barracuda” and the album Little Queen followed and became an even bigger hit.


Heart enjoyed continued success with Dog and the Butterfly and seemingly had one last gasp with 1980s Bebe le Strange. It seemed that the band and its hard rock ways were going to fade and the group would become a footnote. Yet, Heart bounced back with its first self-titled album in 1985. It went quintuple platinum in the United States and topped the charts. The album began a move from what had become a folk rock sound to a style worthy of arena rock. The multi-platinum Bad Animals and Brigade followed.


The next decade found the group on an extended hiatus, one that ended in the 21st century. Since then Heart has been playing with the sisters as the front women and only remaining semi-original members. The band has released a few albums and gone out on a few tours, and it appears the group intends to make Heart tickets available for some time into the future.

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