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Born on March twelve in the year nineteen forty eight, James Taylor is an American born guitarist, singer and songwriter. Having worn Grammy Awards five times, he became a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee in the year two thousand. However, his major breakthrough came in the year nineteen seventy through his number three single Fire and Rain.

This not enough, he earned his first number one hit one year after that with his song You have got a friend. His nineteen seventy six album, Greatest Hits, got certified as Diamond and since then has sold twelve million copies in the United States. As a result of his album, JT, released in nineteen seventy seven, he has managed to retain a considerably large following throughout the decades.

His achievements slightly declined commercially. However, he experienced a resurgence in the years nineteen ninety and two thousand. This was a time during which a number of his most awarded and bestselling albums were released.

James first got a chance at learning how to play the cello in North Carolina. By then, he was still a child. He later switched to try his hand at the guitar in the year nineteen sixty.

While using the guitar, his style changed from paying attention to carols, Woody Guthrie and hymns. In addition, his overall technique greatly improved from his earlier cello training and from carrying out experiments using the keyboard owned by his sister. He later on began attending a preparatory boarding school by the name Milton Academy based in Massachusetts during the fall of the year nineteen sixty one.

Six years since he last released a studio album, Taylor released an album titled Hourglass. This album was introspective. This ended up giving him the best critically thought reviews after nearly twenty years. The album focused more on his family and the troubled past of James Taylor.

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