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Why The Jeff Dunham Show Is Not Just For Dummies

Jeff Dunham is arguably the most widely-heralded ventriloquist since the late Edgar Bergen. Though others have come and gone, this ventriloquist and his quirky cast of characters have established a loyal base of fans that have helped him to maintain his popularity for a number of years now.

Much of his act's popularity stems from the fact that it is so much more than just a ventriloquist act. It is, rather, a complete comedy act that does not necessarily rely upon the presence of dummies for its laughs. Many of the jokes would work just as well were they performed as part of a two-man routine, a la Martin and Lewis.

Moreover, Dunham's act is one that is popular even among the religiously conservative portion of the population. For those who take their faith seriously, it can be difficult to find a comic performance that even makes an attempt to avoid unacceptably foul language or sexually-charged themes.

Jeff has taken pride in the fact that most of his material is perfectly appropriate for people of all ages, all faiths, and all tastes. As a result, he has become the default ventriloquist for many comedy fans, as well as the most suitable comedian for those with sensitive tastes.

Fans who attend one of his live shows can see all of their favorite characters on stage. This includes the foul-tempered older puppet Walter, the irascible Peanut, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, and all the rest. Together, these lovable characters help to create a show that fans will remember for years to come.

While many of the hottest shows on Earth can only be seen in specific locales, this popular star's traveling schedule helps to ensure that fans can see him regardless of where they live. That availability has helped to guarantee that Jeff Dunham's stage show remains a top draw wherever it goes.


Walter might be best described as a grumpy old man, and perhaps the most noticeable of all the characters. Walter is an unhappily married Vietnam veteran with a very sarcastic, yet somehow lovable disposition. Walter is also a retired welder, and seems to care very little for others. One of the most remarkable things about Walter, is that his owner is responsible for his physical creation, as well as his personality, actually shaping and forming his body and head.


Jeff Dunham Tickets 2Peanut is a fun-loving character that often keeps the audience laughing, just with his mannerisms. His green hair and unusual appearance often makes Peanut wonder if his owner created him one night, after taking some kind of drugs. Peanut is very adept at insulting the ventriloquist with unusual remarks.


Jose is one of the most unusual and amusing characters in the act. He is simply a jalapeno pepper on a stick. He gets a great deal out of his "stick" humor, and he and Peanut often go at it, insulting each other.

Other Things

Jeff Dunham has many more characters in his act, including a dead terrorist named Achmed. However, he also is an avid antique restorer, and has an unusual collection, including an actual mechanized baseball umpire from the early 1940s. He also is very interested in helicopters, and builds and flies kit helicopters as a hobby.

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