Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani Concert TicketsBorn in July 15th 1956, Joseph “Joe” Satriani (Satch), an American guitarist is a multiple instrumentalist and a Grammy winning artist. Born to Italian immigrants in Westbury, he started playing the guitar at a tender age of 14.he later studied music with the help of Billy Bauer, a jazz guitarist and pianist Lennie Tristano. He started his career as a guitar mentor tutoring some of the world’s acclaimed guitarists including Steve Vai and Charlie hunter who went on to rise to great fame.

Later in 1978, Satriani relocated to Berkeley California where he decided to focus on a musical career. He again taught the guitar to more students some of whom were Kirk Hammet from the group Metallica. 

In 1988, he went onto a solo tour with Mick Jagger, for whom he was the lead guitarist. He also went on tour as a lead guitarist with Deep Purple. Satriani has since worked with numerous guitarists especially on the G3 tour. Currently, Satriani is in the group Supergroup Chickenfoot being their lead guitarist.

One of the world’s renowned rock guitarists, Satriani has many albums to his name including The Extremist, released in 1992, which went on to become his most acclaimed and economically successful album. His success is also evidenced by the fact that he holds the record of being the second artist to have the most Grammy Award nominations second only to Brian McKnight.

Dubbed guitar virtuoso, Satriani is a maestro with technical proficiency and has perfected numerous performances including legato and effects like harmonics and using an electric guitar.

Satriani uses guitars specifically designed for him and in fact has a series of them JS Series which act as his signature products. He has been a successful artist with his albums selling more than 10 million copies all over the world. Joe Satriani is simply more than just an electric guitarist, he surely is an electrifying performer while on the various bands he has been in, and remains one of the most applauded guitarist of all time.

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