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Justin Bieber Denver TicketsJustin Bieber Denver Tickets

Among the many celebrities around the world, one of the youngest and fans’ favorite is Justin Beiber. As of now, he is about 21, and he is such a huge challenge to many celebrities. The young pop artist is among the celebs that are known to deliver a vibrant performance to the fans. While many are planning to treat their fans with an outstanding performance, Beiber wants to give his fans a treat in the new year. He is set to start his tour on the 9th of March 2016, and he is expected to make a stop in Denver.

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The Origins
Beiber was born, Justin Drew Beiber in March 1994, in Canada. Beiber is one of the people that are considered to be lucky and fortune is a part of his life. His popularity came by accident when Scooter Braun accidentally clicked on Bieber’s videos of 2007. Braun was a marketing executive of So So Def. He was impressed by the videos, where Justin had performed in a theater. Braun identified the theater that Beiber performed in, and he was able to locate his school. After he had all that he needed, he decided to contact Beiber’s mom, Pattie Mallette. 

The Religion Differences 
Justin has been brought up by a Christian-based family. Her mother is fully devoted to Christianity, and she cites that she dedicated Beiber to God when he was born. Scooter Braun is a Jew, and as he was interested in signing the young Beiber, the mother was reluctant. Mallete preferred to have a Christian music official to come to her. She told God that He could have sent her a Christian man, who worked for a Christian music label. Nonetheless, the church elders supported Braun, and they asked Mallette to let her kid go with Scooter Braun. By this time, Beiber was about thirteen and Braun took him to Atlanta, Georgia. 

The Breakthrough 
While in Atlanta, Scooter Braun recorded some demo tapes for Beiber. A week later, the kid started singing for Usher. He was then signed to a joint production unit of Usher Raymond and Scooter Braun, called the Raymond Braun Media Group (RBMG). Beiber was such a promising kid that even Justin Timberlake tried to sign him. 

The Achievements 
In 2009, Beiber released his first EP, My World album. The record was considered platinum in the US, and the kid broke a record that year. He became the first artist that had seven songs from his debut record to be featured in the Billboard Hot 100. His first complete studio album was released in 2010, called My World 2.0. The album was also certified platinum in the US and debuted near or at number one in many countries. Justin has won several awards that are voted by the fans. He has also won the 2010 and 2012 AMA, American Music Award, Artist of the Year. Justin’s fans are called the beliebers and most of them are the female teenagers and the young adults. In 2013, 2012, and 2011, Beiber was named among the ten most powerful celebrities in the Forbes Magazine.

The Purpose World Tour 
Beiber had his first tour in 2009, but the 2013 tour was the most powerful. Nonetheless, he has already promised his fans an energetic tour that will go down in 2016. The Purpose World Tour is based on his 5th studio album, Purpose. The show is set to kick off in Seattle on the 9th of March 2016. It is set to cover 58 cities and will finalize on the 18th of July in New York. Currently, two songs from his Purpose album are among the best five on the Billboard, Hot 100 Chart. Sorry and What Do You Mean are the songs that have been ranked on the top 5 on the Billboard. 

The Extraordinary Concert
The Purpose Tour will be the first concert that will cover over 50 cities, and it will be the longest since he held his Believe Tour in 2012/2013. The show is already announced, but Beiber is already working on the album release concert. The concert was be launched in LA on the 13th of November 2015, and there will be a 2015 Jingle Ball concerts for couples in Atlanta and London. Some of the top cities to be visited during the Purpose Tour include Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Miami, and Chicago. With his strong dedication to his home country, Beiber plans to hold several stops in Canada. The tickets are available at on our site at Alliancetickets.com. He will also be performing a show, An Evening With Justin Beiber in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. 

The Denver Stop
Denver is also among the venues of the Purpose World Tour, and Bieber is expected to perform at the Pepsi Center in Denver, on the 4th of April. The ticket sales started selling on the 21st of November, and you can find them at the mentioned dealers. Justin Bieber’s fans from Denver are already prepared to receive the 21-year pop singer. With his top hits from the 5th studio album, his fans are set to get an energetic concert in 2016. 

Even though it is called a World Tour, the Purpose Tour only has dates and venues that are around North America. There is doubt if he will add other venues to his tour, but so far, North America is the only continent that is covered by the kid’s concerts. With his strong value of Christianity, Beiber claims that one should only sleep with the one that he/she loves. Even though he was spotted dating, he said the other year that he is single. Probably, he only wants to give his fans his best performance without any interference. Whether he is single or not, Beiber is the most popular young pop singer that has so many fans. His Denver stop is highly anticipated, and you don’t want to miss it.