Kingston Trio

Kingston Trio TicketsOne of the music groups that played a big role in the revival of folk music was The Kingston Trio and now it is a popular folk and pop group. The members of the group are Bill Zorn, George Groove and Rick Dougherty. The first version of the trio had another lineup: Bob Shane, Dave Guard and Nick Reynolds. The songs played are simple, but really memorable.

The instruments used are banjos and acoustic guitars. As a vocal group, The Kingston Trio was the first one in the world. The popularity of their music transcended the sales they made. Only the Beatles had so many concerts and so many sales. One of the most popular group hits is called "Tom Dooley". The musicians used to play two nights every week at a local tavern before the group was actually formed. In the meantime, the members learned how to play genuine Hawaiian songs.

The anonymity was changed to popularity because of a local publicist, who wanted to help the group to become known. The sound of the first songs that the group played was determined by the skills of each member and the instruments that were used. But, the members were constantly shuffled in the beginning, until the right ones were found.

The third album of the group was the first one made in stereo. But, this was not the only improvement. The whole sound was upgraded for the first time, which means that it was different than everything that was singed before: multiple voices, banjos, guitars and overdubbing. The group was mostly popular among college students, as the songs were relaxing, humorous and they promoted good spirit. Another category of listeners was older people. The group appeared at different television shows and a lot of imitators began to show up. The Kingston Trio has been through periods of crisis, but it was reformed by Bob Shane.

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