Larry The Cable Guy

The Git R Done Man: Larry The Cable Guy

Larry the Cable Guy says the things that you would say if you could come up with them. He has the low down on many of the things, in this world, that would not sound as funny coming from anyone else. Where does he get the things he says but from life. He brings a wealth of experience and he talks about it all.

He does not get the complaints many other stand up comedians get about stale material. His comments, jokes and observations are always fresh and new. He respects us enough to know that we will know when he tells the same thing over and over, again.

Born in February, 1963 in Pawnee City Nebraska, Daniel Lawrence Whitney has consistently brought laughter to many across this country and aboard. He skewers many of the folks who pretend to be things they are not and makes fun of the things that everyone wants to make fun of.

When looking at the combination of comedians such as Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall and Ron White, who he has hooked up with, Larry has taken the laugh tracks to new heights with his stand up. Although some of his shows are definitely adults only, the vast majority of the jokes will entertain everyone who wants to say some of the same things. His shows have been sellouts in most of the venues they have been scheduled for and he delights all who attend.

Larry has enjoyed some of the highest booking fees of everyone in his industry. He routinely receives in excess of $250,000 per gig. This tells you quite a bit about the reception he receives as this is an amount that is normally promised to national stars and prominent politicians.

Larry the Cable Guy is the choice of many for their comedy needs. He has promised and delivers the jokes he has been known for and delivers in a bigger style that most of the rest of them. He will continue to enthrall people for quite some time.

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