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Margaret Cho Tickets

Margaret Cho Tickets

Margaret Cho is a 43 year old Asian origin female actor, singer and designer. She has played extensively among the American and European community exemplifying her talent to all parts of the world. She even starred in such recognitions as Face Off, which is well known for its featuring in the 100 movies to own before you die list. She also presents in Drop Dead Diva the series.

The life and times of Margaret Cho come with her early life, birth and times, her neighborhood and her work to the current status and success. Her birth was in California, but her background is the dynamic Korean culture. At first she did stand ups in clubs and restaurants which got her to wide recognition and into the high class Hollywood lifestyle.

Before her award in 1992 American Comedy Awards, she featured in the Golden Girls and also in the Golden Palace. She was recognized as comedian of the year during this event. Furthermore, there was a time she was known for her unseen weight loss. The flexible body gains her success as through this she can attain prosperous roles in many television featuring and also an icon for many women.

Margaret's life has not gone without a few hurdles. She has experienced major kidney failure as a result of the different eating habits and self starvation to satisfy the lifestyle of a Hollywood inhabitant, and also to continue enjoying her hefty pay cheques. On the other hand she is renowned for her funny and humorous jokes alongside the liveliness to great the crowds at every major event.

Cho is also a renowned script writer. For someone to have a self written film and then feature in it successfully, Margaret becomes a favorite for many film lovers. Cho also has a live show called Assassin.

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Margaret Cho Tickets

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