Mark Knopfler

Mark Knopfler TicketsThe famous British guitarist and performer Mark Knopfler is making his way to the Red Rocks Amphitheater this fall to tour for his new album Tracker. Knopfler’s blend of genres like folk, blues, country and rock have come together to make yet another incredible album that is sure to sound unforgettable amongst the Red Rocks.

 Mark began playing guitar after being inspired by his uncle’s dual piano and harmonica tunes. It would be many more years before Knopfler would learn his now famous style of finger picking on the guitar. Due to a strange circumstance, Mark accidentally developed this technique when having to play a gig on an acoustic guitar that had a warped neck. Mark claims that was a life changing moment for him and the development of his style. After many years of playing music in pubs and cafes while furthering his education and teaching at Loughton College in Essex, Knopfler became the co-founder and guitarist of The Dire Straits with his brother David in 1977. Their first demo album featured one of the group’s most famous songs Sultans of Swing which Rolling Stone has listed as one of the top 500 songs to change rock and roll.

 When the band split in 1995 Mark launched his incredible solo career and has made quite the name for himself. Since then he has had his hand in all parts of music creation including vocals, playing guitar and other instruments, producing, songwriting, and composing. Rolling Stone lists Knopfler as one of the top 50 greatest guitarists of all time. Not only was he able to master a range of tones and techniques on the guitar, he is also a noted top-notch lyricist and collaborator. Some of the biggest names in music like Tina Turner, Eric Clapton and Bob Dylan have all called on Knopfler for his world renowned talents. He has also produced scores for critically acclaimed films like The Princess Bride and Wag the Dog and has been awarded four Grammys along with several lifetime achievement awards.

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