Motorhead Concert TicketsMotorhead Concert Tickets

Motorhead is much more than simply another heavy metal band taking to the road as a new generation clamors for a sound to voice their anger. This is a band who can claim credit for very beginning of the speed and thrash metal movements that so dominated the 1980s. Thus, Motorhead tickets for the tour in 2012 are a chance for a musical pilgrimage, one to the arenas serving as churches along the way to pay homage to a group and a genre.

Ian Kilmister (“Lemmie”), Phil Campbell (“Wizzo”), and Mikkey Dee remain true to this original sound and energy they had conceived in England in the late 1970s. While other groups have evolved their work, Motorhead has not found it necessary. Every two years the band is inspired by a new sense of anger and every year the group begins a new tour.

This time it has been the World is Yours Tour and it has been keeping the group busy playing alongside Megadeth, Volbeat, Lacuna, Slipnot, Slayer, and Anthrax. Motorhead will continue this relationship through 2012 as the group and Anthrax head to England and continental Europe after a well-deserved three month break. This leg of the year will last until December.

When any group as legendary as this tour, the fans are sure to ask for more. It could be a compilation album or a new album. Motorhead plans to do much more than play live gigs, with Lemmie insisting that as long as the three guys can afford an amp. These guys can afford plenty of amps so expect the next album in 2013.

Thus the journey of a band that ranks among the Top 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock is not quite yet complete. The group will continue to emulate the sound they seemingly perfected with Ace of Spades and Iron Fist. The group will continue to tour with the greatest speed rockers of the 1980s. The group will continue to make Motorhead tickets for the millions of fans eager with anticipation and located in every corner of the globe.

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