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Rock opera lives on in Muse. This British band is set upon making each and every album and concert a transcendent experience, one with the intricate artistry of the Magic Flute and the driving guitar riffs of a progressive rock band. Muse tickets take rock concerts to the next level and fans are glad to be included as gigantic video screens, a light show, phenomenal instrumentation and a harrowing voice lead them through the night’s movements.


Behind all this are three men, lead singer and guitarist Matthew Bellamy, bassist Christopher Woltenholme, and drummer Dominic Howard. They have been performing together since the mid-nineties and have been crafting a sound typified with melancholy lyrics and orchestration heavily layered and driving in its nature. They looked back to rock groups like Led Zeppelin and Queen to discover their way. At the time, the end of the 20th century, the rest of the contemporary landscape had yet to rediscover this incredible live sound. Those other big bands had either fully embraced hard rock or reinvented themselves as garage rock outfits. Thus, when Origin of Symmetry was released in 2001 Muse was truly a trendsetter, one many have tried to emulate but almost all have failed.


The group members have described their sound as one taking great pride in its heaviness. They have also taken tremendous pride in the live shows which have become the focus of each work, from the dramatic Absolution to the space rock Black Holes and Revelations to the classic rock redux The Resistance. Muse works hard to create an atmosphere in which each and every fan with Muse concert tickets to that particular show is lost in a world of their choosing. It is a world in Muse pushes the emotions and brings the audience back from the edge.


The 2nd Law, the latest album, is one once again saturated in symphonic and progressive rock while remaining modern with its alt rock guitar and use of electronic music. The album, as critics have rejoiced, has returned the group to the edge of musical reason, with Muse trying to find 11 and 12 on the dial throughout its song list. Essentially, once again, the band has done it and, once again, Muse will be putting on a show meant to be nothing less than a contemporary operatic masterpiece.

Muse Tickets

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Aug 4, 2017
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