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Gaining success in the music industry, whether it is for the very short term, or for a lasting career, is notorious for being extremely difficult. It is hard to break in, and harder to stay in. Audiences are incredibly fickle, and radio fads and fashion change like the weather. However, one artist stands head and shoulders above the rest as far as success is concerned, and that man is Sir Paul McCartney.

Of course, he is known for his work with The Beatles, arguably the finest pop band of all time. They achieved incredible success early in their career, and maintained the highest levels of artistic and commercial gains over time. They dominated the charts and have records for sales that have yet to be matched.

Unfortunately, The Beatles broke up, and went their separate ways. While they all enjoyed some successes as solo acts, none achieved as much as Paul did. He went on to form Wings with his second wife Linda, and created another smash sensation well into the 1980s.

Paul McCartney Tickets 2After Wings disbanded he continued working steadily, He still charts well with every new release, and remains relevant to not only his core fan base, but to new audiences. Listeners who were not even alive when Beatlemania was in full swing enjoy his current hits.

This is a man who has not only achieved the peak of power with a world-renowned and classic pop group, he achieved it with a second band, and then again on his own. The odds against such a run are astronomical to say the least. For any who choose a career in music, or are looking for inspiration in any field, this is the person to look to.

Paul McCartney is a symbol of success that is hard to describe, let alone fathom. He has literally helped to change the musical world both as an entertainer and as a businessman. He remains a fan favorite and shows no sign of losing relevancy or popularity any time soon.

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Paul McCartney Tickets

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