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Pearl Jam The Band With Grunge Integrity

When the grunge movement that started in the early 1990s first came about, Pearl Jam the band was one of many potential leaders in the field despite all of the criticism by those who would become fans. The initial release of "Temple of the Dog", the premier album, was both heralded and criticized. The music was promising, but the accusations of being a sell-out group, capitalizing on the corporate promotions hurt their early reputation.

It would not take long before the critics were proven wrong. As an alternative grunge group each individual made it their calling not to bow to the standardized practices within the music industry. They revolted against some of the traditional ideas like the releasing music videos. At one point they participated in the boycott that revolved around Ticketmaster, effectively shooting their own success in the foot.

Over time, it became obvious the Pearl Jam wasn't interested in the normal route to success. They simply made the music they wanted to make and sold over 60 million copies worldwide. Many times, the music they made went into mainstream radio despite the harder edge that kept developing over the years.

Songs such as "Better Man", and "Last Kiss" were not only fan favorites but were accepted as mainstream throughout the world. As the tunes kept coming, there was a noticeably darker twist and even some problems that threatened the overall success of a scheduled release of "Binaural" in 2000.

The fans were what this particular group kept in mind. While they were boycotting Ticketmaster, the fan base complained loudly about how difficult it was to find and purchase tour tickets. In response, there was a release from the boycott for the benefit of the fans.

They also were one of the few groups that ever allowed the making of amateur bootleg videos during their concerts. Throughout the seasons and many unique methods of remaining dedicated to themselves, Pearl Jam the band is still considered the grunge group with integrity.

Pearl Jam Tickets

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