pink event ticketsPink is the pop singer with a rock edge that has changed an entire music genre. She entered the musical arena as another in a long line of R&B stars ready to be molded into pop stars by a team of producers and ended up breaking away in a big way. The singer utilizes what may be the biggest and most emotional voice in the world of pop and combines it with a rare willingness to expose her most intimate moments, lyrically of course. Pink tickets for the Truth About Love Tour are among the most popular and the most critically acclaimed as a result.

These same music critics have been making it quite clear the Truth About Love, Pink’s sixth studio album and first in four years is one not to miss. The singles “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” and Try have quickly become radio favorites. “Blow Me” is an angry mid-tempo ballad sung by a woman ready to end a relationship. “Try” is a much slower song, begging her and her partner to solider on and give hits love thing another chance. “Are We All We Are” is the lead song from the album and is a song sung with such earnest it is infectious. This song is going to be remembered as one of the best tracks in the end.

Pink’s latest album joins four of her previous five as works quite unabashedly proud to be the misfit pop-rock diva. It all began with Missundaztood, her second studio album but her first free from the controlling influence of the heads of LaFace Records. Though Try This did not entice many, I’m Not Dead quickly returned her to domestic fame and only grew her following elsewhere, especially in Australia. Funhouse is her breakup album. The Truth About Love is her reconciliation album, one not quite so easily smitten, but one with feelings tested and a more resolve singer/lover/mother intact. Pink concert tickets for this latest tour will demonstrate as much and will remind fans why they  chose to idolize her some time ago.

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