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REO Speedwagon is a rock band that became very popular during the early 1980s. Their bestselling album was Hi Infidelity. This album veered away from the hard rock songs that they had produced earlier and changed them into a pop band, containing four hit songs. The band continues to tour and occasionally teams up with other bands to perform at large concerts.


The Illinois band formed in 1967 and began performing contemporary music in college bars. They signed up with Epic Records sometime during 1971, releasing their first album that same year. Their third album, You Can Tune a Piano but You Can't Tuna Fish made the Top 40 list in 1978, turning into a Double Platinum album after it sold over two million copies.


Hi Infidelity catapulted them into mainstream success. This album produced four mega-hits that remained in the top ten charts for 32 weeks. The most well known of these songs was Keep On Loving You. The band went on to produce two more successful albums, which contained titles such as Can't Fight This Feeling and other popular hits.

Their popularity began to dwindle by the end of the 80s. Their 1987 album produced two hits, despite the decline in sales. Their 1990 release produced one hit, Love is a Rock. They continued to tour, despite losing their contract with Epic. The record company started releasing compilation albums that featured that band's greatest hits in order to help with their promotions.

REO Speedwagon joined Styx for a concert in St. Louis in 2000. This performance was later released in three separate videos. They went on tour with Styx again for the 2003 Classic Rock's Main Event. They have also toured with . 38 Special and Def Leppard and performed at the Milwaukee Summerfest in 2011. Since then, they have produced a Christmas album and a video game to help promote themselves.

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