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Red Hot Chili Peppers the alternative rock band, not to be confused with the spicy vegetable used to add heat to food, is an American group formed in 1983. They were alternative rock pioneers who gained their stride later in their musical career with the release of their forth album "Mother's Milk".

After losing their original guitarist Hillel Slovak to a drug addiction that ultimately took his life, Jack Irons left the group, and Anthony Kiedis and Flea went on to find two more members who would eventually be replaced by guitarist John Frusciante - in 1988 - then drummer Chad Smith - in 1989. The members changed briefly with the introduction of Dave Navarro in 1993 but Frusciante later returned.

With the new members in tow the group released "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" which met with much critical acclaim and featured a number of tracks that charted well, "give it away" won a Grammy and landed on the charts at the number one spot. This album is also ranked 310 on Rolling Stone's top 500 albums of all times list.

The success of "Blood Sugar Sex Magik" propelled the Red Hot Chili Peppers to a new height of popularity and won them a number of honors. However, the new found fame was hard for guitarist John Frusciante to handle, and he left the popular rock outlet, shortly after and fell into a drug habit that left him destitute.

Their latest record has met with resounding success and has reminded the world that they are a lasting force in the music world that is yet to endure into the next age. Two decades later and these aging musicians are still going strong and many of their songs have transcended the art form, becoming permanent installations in our notion of popular culture. Their ballads and singles will likely be remembered for years to come, and they were certainly representations of the times which spawned them and the times which continue to shape them.

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