Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival

Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival TicketsThe Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival has been taking metal and all its sub-genres across the United States and Quebec since back in 2008. Then, it was a project undertaken by Kevin Lyman and John Reese. Lyman had founded another popular touring festival, Vans Warped Tour. Reese had his hand in the touring festival world as well. He had been a partner of Lyman for the Taste of Chaos tour. Yet, the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival tickets may be the very best of these creations.

From the very beginning, Rockstar Energy Company joined the project as a sponsor and they have become synonymous with the music festival. That first tour had three stages: the Main Stage for the big acts, the Jagermeister Stage, and another stage that still serves as a place for new bands to introduce themselves to massive audiences across the country. In the years since, Mayhem Festival has added stages, sponsors, and tour dates. It even extended from the reaches of the United States north to Canada in Quebec.

It was able to thrive because it focuses its energy on metal. Some may call it a hard rock festival, as some of the headliners have been a little less metal. Still, fans praise the festival as a place to enjoy everything from thrash metal to death metal to nu metal.

The Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival will continue to draw huge audiences as bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Five Finger Death Punch, Anthrax, and many more metal names that have become mainstream names. At the same time, the tour has its class of beloved bands just who remain stars in the genre making appearances. This includes Beyond the Scar, the Athiarchists, Drown Mary, Hemlock, and Machine Head.

Essentially, the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival is the music and cultural phenomenon that persists in defining metal music. The festival will continue to tour as metal may never truly become the most popular genre in the music universe, but it will also have its legion of fans and they cannot pass up an opportunity to see a show of this magnitude.

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