Sarah Brightman

Sarah Brightman TicketsSarah Brightman tickets are concert tickets for music fans that enjoy the merging of musical time periods. In this case her work is marrying the many versions of classical European music to emerge from the 11th century to the 19th with the a 21st century focus on dance club electronica and guitar heavy rock music.

Brightman has been the most influential crossover artist of her kind since the middle of the 1990s. she had spent the first half of the decade both healing after being betrayed by her then ex-husband Andrew Lloyd Webber and in search of a new venue in which to use her powerful soprano vocal abilities to entertain. The split with Webber voluntarily ended her time in the West End and on Broadway, where she had been a part of original production of Cats and Phantom of the Opera. She returned to dance music, but was not able to go from up and coming disco artist to comeback dance club singer as easily as she would have wished.

Instead, she embraced the classical-orientation of her voice, but decided to create a new music genre to satisfy her creative urges. This meant her efforts to produce dance and rock hits would not be wasted. Thus would develop classical crossover. In its infancy, a few classic-contemporary tracks were sprinkled in with impressive duets, most famously with tenor Andrea Bocelli on Time to Say Goodbye. As the new century approached Brightman continued revolutionizing this new genre. She also moved from England to America, and now has a Green Card. Of course, with as many world tours as she has, most recently for Symphony and Dreamchaser, she is much more likely to be presenting Sarah Brightman concert tickets to locations around the word than proof she can stay in the country.

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