Sarah Mclachlan

Sarah Mclachlan Concert TicketsSarah Mclahlan is a folk-pop singer from Canada. She has a great voice with a mezzo-soprano range. Her album "Fumbling towards Ecstasy", released in 1993 was her first hit in the United States and after that she became internationally known. Her next release, "Surfacing", in 1997 was even more successful. After that she dedided to found Lilith Fair, a series of summer concerts that promoted great singers as Paula Cole, Suzzane Vega and Tracy Chapman, to name a few. Those concerts captivated the world and provided a great opportunity to enjoy these amazing singers. 

After receiving three Grammy Awards, she had her first baby daughter and retired for a while to take care of her. She is an artist who takes long pauses but every time she strucks the music scene again, she captivates her fans and the public with her brilliant talent, her beautiful voice and the magnificent musical arrangements. Nowadays, Sarah Mclahlan released a new album, "Shine on" which she promoted on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. 

Her 2014 "Shine on" tour will take her to many cities along United States. She claims that she received 14,166 city requests from her fans but her first concert will be held at Seattle, in Washington . After that, fans can attend her concerts at Portland, Santa Barbara, Denver, St. Louis and New York, among many other cities. 

Sarah Mclahlan's concerts keep the audience mesmerized throughout the entire show. Her song selections are excellent and she provides a sense of intimacy, even tough there are thousands of people around. The accuracy of the musical arrangements, the sound of her rich voice and her talent as a songwriter create a magic atmosphere that leaves a huge impression on the crowd. It is worthwhile to find out the date and the nearest city where the next concert will be held to enjoy a wonderful experience.

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Jul 1, 2017
Sat 7:00PM
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