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So You Think You Can Dance

"So You Think You Can Dance" is a hit show on American television. Dancers compete through rigorous auditions to advance to the next level of the tour. The judging panel on each show is comprised of professional dancers and Hollywood celebrities.

The competitive hit has been successfully running for a full eight seasons. Through the show, the winners have had the opportunity to make it big. They have all participated in outside projects.

One of the most notable projects that they have created is the "Get Fit" series. In this instructional DVD, the dancers show you new moves. These dance moves help you stay in shape while having fun.

The competition style of the show creates a cheerful sense of suspense. Groups of dancers are brought in for auditions in various cities around the country.

They are then narrowed down to about 20 of the show's best performers. These performers move on to the next stage. In this stage, choreographers are highlighted. The contestants must either partner up and do the routines without error, or be sent home. The partners and choreographers can change every week.

The open auditions have showcased a number of styles. Highlights include popping, locking, strutting, and punking, as well as other classics, such as ballet, jazz, and tap. Hip hop, breaking, and Las Vegas showgirl style also have their place on the show.

The winners or artists who tend to do the best can handle multiple diverse styles. This is especially helpful when contestants are put into groups and asked to choreograph their own routines. After they perform it in front of the judges, they are subjected to harsh and honest critiques.

The "So You Think You Can Dance" competition has done a lot to expose audiences around the world to new dancers and new styles. It has given the opportunity for many young talents to showcase their skills. It also has created a higher demand from audiences for a wider variety of styles.

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So You Think You Can Dance Tickets

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