Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent is a lot of things. He is a musician, guitarist, author, singer and activist. How he manages all this, no one knows. The secret lies within him. This article is going to look into his career life so as to give you an insight on who the man is.

He is a decent American who was born on December 13 in the year 1948. Though, most people know him by his popular trade name, his full name is Theodore Anthony Nugent. He hails from Detroit, Michigan.

His music career started in a band called The Amboy Dukes, where he used to be the lead guitarist. The band used to play in a teen club known as The Cellar that was situated just outside of Chicago. The club used to have another house band called Shadow of Knight, but latter The Amboy Dukes took over and played there till the club closed.

Ted released several singles with the band before embarking on a long solo career. Some of the popular singles include Journey to the Center of the Mind and Migration. It was the year 1975 when he decided that it was time to go separate ways.

After going solo, he signed to a record company called Epic records. He then assembled some additional band members who include Rob Grange who played the bass, Derek St. Holmes who played the guitar and did some vocals and Clifford Davies who played the drums. All these members formed the band which produced multi-platinum albums in the 1970s.

Some of the albums include Ted Nugent released in 1975, Free for All released in 1976 and Cat Scratch Fever which was released in 1977. These albums had popular songs that were every radio listeners favorite. To say the least, these three years saw him become a guitar hero and his popularity rose to rival other stars in the industry.

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