Tegan And Sara

Tegan and Sara Concert TicketsTime has everything in store for everyone. This is simply proved by the identical twins Tegan Rain and Sara Kiersten (Tegan and Sara). They gained their fan base and seized any opportunities that creped their way to make them known.

More on Tegan and Sara

They were born in Alberta, Canada. The dual played plunk but could not find a drummer. Using their school studio, they recorded two presentation albums. Their first breakthrough was when they won in a local completion in Calgary known as the Garage Warz battle.

During the garage warz competition, they were presented as 'Sara and Tegan’. This is because they had initially being registered so by their mother. However, they later changed to Tegan and Sara’ as people felt it was easier pronounced.

Achievements of Tegan and Sara

They are highly rated in a number of magazines and their names feature in most of the top lists. With time, they have released more albums that have seen them being propelled to higher levels.

They have continually been releasing albums with a range of about two to three years. One of their releases was GET ALONG in the year 2011 and CLOSER in the year 2013 that has seen them have an intimate look on lives.

Their current activities

Tegan and Sara have got some activities that they engage in which include:

  • Touring-they have been to several places in America and Europe. More on their travel this year can be got from their website.
  • Production of publications-Tegan and Sara have released several publications that are in the market for sale. 
  • Television and film-Tegan and Sara have made some quite a number of TV appearances. Their songs have also been used as soundtracks of several films like sweet November.
  • Collaborations and wrap songs-these collaborations are either between Tegan and Sara or between the dual and other musicians.
  • Tegan and Sara have also performed with other musicians and disk jockeys. This has seen them get new levels in their work.

They also have a passion for helping others through fundraising and involvement in youth projects. Tegan and Sara are also socially engaged but in their sole life, they might relate to the elderly or give advice, this brings about the perfect Tegan and Sara. 

This information on Tegan and Sara may not be enough. Paying a trip to any of their concerts planned for this year will bring a new understanding to you.

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