The Australian Bee Gees

The Australian Bee Gees TicketsThe mulita-media concert experience that is being called captivating, sensational and nostalgic is the Australian Bee Gees Show.  Celebrating over four decades of the musical group the Gibb brothers formed called the Bee Gees.  This group performs all the songs fans loved from the legacy they left behind written over four decades and still being played today.  The Australian Bee Gees Show has been together for more than 17yrs they have mastered their craft and have mastered not only the look of the original group but the sound, mannerisms and personality of the beloved original brothers.  This group is considered to be the world’s leading Bee Gees show, The Australian Bee Gees Show has captured and solidified their reputation.  The state of art sound, live camera images, and vivid graphics are enough to continue them well into their future.  You can get The Australian Bee Gees Show tickets here for all their upcoming shows in a venue near you.    

     The Australian Bee Gees consist of members Paul Lines (Robin Gibb) and Jack Leftley (Maurice) are the two authentic Aussies, Matt Baldoni, whose skills as Barry can be summed up in one word, formidable.  Matt is actually a Las Vegas man and admits he does have some trouble with the high notes that most mortal males have trouble with. He admits he cheats a bit on some of the notes that BG sang and takes it down an octave.  But it’s really not a bad facsimile.  Matt says he does not think the Bee Gees receive enough credit for the musical works they did and that is why this group tries so hard to put out such a great show.  When the original Bee Gees performed in their day they were almost bigger that their hair.  However, since two of the original Bee Gees have passed this show is the closest you’re going to get to hear their music today being sang live.  The two hour show is all performed with precision and competence and reviews have it musically adept very entertaining and just all around groovy

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