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He has been legally obligated to be Santa Claus, been the voice of Buzz Lightyear, and entertained most of the country as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. He is Tim Allen, the recognizable voice seducing America with tales of Pure Michigan, the star of a new sitcom, and a performer returning to the stage in Las Vegas. Tim Allen tickets are being sold for one weekend a month at the Venetian Resort Hotel through November 2012.

He may re-up on this deal, as it allows him to return to the craft started what would become an incredible career in the 1990s while simultaneously working on his television and movie projects. All signs are pointing to yes, since he did the very same after a 2011 run at the same stage. It is not necessarily about the money. Allen certainly has enough of it, but it is mostly a decision made by a man who is tired of standing still. He may be the Last Man Standing on ABC portraying a father trying to make a hilarious stand for the sake of his masculinity in a house full of women. However, this show and his latest return to stand-up comedy are far more indicative of a professional obsessed with entertaining.

Comedy has been his life since 1975. Tim Allen managed to turn a college bet into not only a career, but a phenomenally successful career that has resulted in celebrity. A performer who has reached that level of fame is not going to be comfortable fading away. For, that performer will always have that urge, even if he or she takes a couple of years off to recoup the energy that once drove him or her to such astronomical heights.

Allen is fully recharged and has taken up an exhausting schedule once again. Tim Allen tickets are going to be available through the end of the year at least. His ABC half-hour comedy has been renewed and is in production for a second season. Also, movie projects Toy Story 4 and 3 Geezers! are on the horizon.

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