Under The Streetlamp

Under The Street Lamp Concert TicketsUnder the Streetlamp is a new American vocal group who focus in delivering classic hits from the American Radio Songbook. The group consist of four gentlemen; Michael Ingersoll, Shonn Wiley, Michael Cunio and Christopher Kale Jones. The four performers are quite talented and bring their unique slick dance moves and a unique blend of harmonies to the Rock and Roll, Motown, and Doo-Wop hits from The Beach Boys, The Four Seasons, The Drifters, The Beatles, and more. Under the Streetlamp performers have given a different taste to how retro sounds. The name 'Under the Streetlamp’ is a simple image that epitomizes intimacy, passion and all the joy wrapped up in the American Radio Songbook. The performers are infused and thoroughly diverse with a spirit that is completely indomitable.

People started singing along radio with their families and neighbourhoods and in urban dwellings residents congregated in the streets and on the stoops. Standing with ones buddies in the spotlight and singing under the streetlamp, imitating the instruments with their voices is the best place to share the joy of music and this is the life the parents of Under the Streetlamp performers lived. Their parents were the boomers who filled their homes with the sounds of radio and this created and enhanced their interest in radio and thus the group lives to honour that tradition and are proud to be inheritors of America’s musical legacy and for them music is a family affair.

Before such genres as neo-hip hop-soul, alternative-punk rockabilly and adult-contemporary-pop dawned; there was just music and one had access to it all no matter the personal taste and this is the reason why their fans know the words of all their songs. The performers promise to give the best music to their fans and to celebrate the premier of their brand new public service broadcasting, Under the Streetlamp have launched a 50-city US concert tour.

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Dec 7, 2017
Thu 8:00PM
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