Weird Al Yankovic

Weird Al YankovicThe parody music star, Weird Al Yankovic, is back to greet us with his comedy musical stylings at the Paramount Theatre on August 23rd. His Mandatory World Tour is going to be a mandatory good time.

 Weird Al has been in the comedy-music scene with his one of a kind parody covers since the 80’s with hits like I Love Rocky Road, Amish Paradise, and White and Nerdy. The majority of his creations are a mix of well known songs of the day that he changes to make light of pop culture.

 By looking at Yankovic's history it is easy to see that he comes by his “weirdness” honestly. He had his first lesson on the accordion before the age of 6 and learned how to play both polka and rock and roll on the instrument. Al began school at a younger age than most of his peers, skipped the second grade, and was labeled a nerd early on. After graduating at the ripe age of 16 he moved to southern California to attend college. During that time he met radio personality, Dr. Demento, and gave him a recording of a few of his accordion tunes which got played on the radio. His name later came from his days working at his college radio station where he was nicknamed “Weird Al” by a listener.

 His comedic inspiration came from exposure to artists like Elton John, Shel Silverstein, Dr. Demento's radio show, the works of Monty Python, and parody films. Over the years Yankovic has sold more than 12 million albums (as of 2007) as well as several Grammys including one for his most recent album Mandatory Fun which won for best comedy album. A large part of Al’s success is that he knows how to stay relevant. With the switch from music television to internet streaming of music and videos, Yankovic has used Youtube to popularize his work.

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